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Dynamic Web Apps
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Dynamic Web Apps

At Outsourcify, we create purely HTML/Javascript apps, also called ”single page apps (SPA)” as they are usually running from a single web page. Our team has for example years of experience developing e-learning modules with such technologies, either using custom minimal Javascript frameworks based on jQuery or some of the main javascript frameworks in the industry, Vue.JS, AngularJS or React JS.

Different projects require different technologies, but in general the rise of the node.JS Javascript runtime provided a wealth of tools for building real-time applications (NPM, Gulp, Grunt, Webpack), and the evolution of Javascript front-end frameworks now allows to create websites that are faster, with richer dynamic interfaces.

We’d be happy to help you build your next dynamic web application using the latest front-end technologies, at Outsourcify, we have some experience building various types of products with those technologies.

JavaScript frameworks choice

All the main Javascript frameworks in the industry are open source, so cost is not argument against any of them, it’s mostly about their popularity – the more popular mean more online resources, tutorials and potential lifespan – the features they offer and their ease of use.

Vue.JS, AngularJS or React have been around since quite some time now, yeares, and are 3 good choices for building real-time applications, each have their advantages and defaults. At Outsourcify we work on projects with these 3 frameworks, with a preference lately for Vue.JS as it’s easy to understand, to only use on some part of a project and to integrate on existing projects.

Vue.JS is simpler and more light, and its concept take the best from Angular and React – a virtual DOM, reactive & compose-able view components.



  • Coding speed
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Can be mixed with other technologies
  • Much simpler but often better
  • The community is not as huge as for the 2 others

Angular JS

  • A full blown Single Page Application framework
  • You have to code the Angular way and a complex syntax, especially with TypeScript
  • Google is behind it
  • Many tools are available
  • The massive change from Angular 1 to 2, then 4 made it confusing
  • Can be used to develop hybrid mobile apps

React JS

  • Can be hard to understand
  • Facebook is behind it, and was recently fully open sourced
  • Big online community and lots of resources
  • HTML cannot be used, JSX is less straightforward
  • Can be used to develop native apps with React Native

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