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Corporate WordPress Solutions

What we build

WordPress is our expertise, and we’ve been building hundreds of WordPress websites since we started. Outsourcify Web Agency will help you to design and develop your Corporate professional Website.

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world. It is also an obvious choice when it comes to choose a technical solution for creating a dynamic website with a back-end (also called “admin panel” or “dashboard”) which allows the website editors (or “webmasters”) not only to easily update its content but also to add images, articles, or new pages. The WordPress software is completely open source and can be used freely. In addition, it comes with a large community of users that created countless plugins to add specific features to the WordPress core. While most plugins are free, some paid plugins with more advanced features are also available.

At Outsourcify, we have years of experience in creating WP themes and plugins. Our development team uses the WordPress software as a base to create a website but with no limitation about the website design. We only do custom-designed and hand-coded themes to provide you with a unique easy-to-update and future-proof website.

A website that fits your brand

We only make custom-designed websites

There is no so-called “premium” theme from us since we only create custom-designed websites. One of our project managers and UI/UX specialists will analyse your needs, list all page designs, and create wireframes. Then, our design team will build a custom design for your website.

A Custom WordPress Theme

We create hand-coded themes to provide you with an easy-to-update and future-proof website, as we as to avoid the bloat that usually comes with WordPress themes.

WordPress Best Practices

We have years of experience in creating WordPress websites which helped us define best practices, including using a templating engine, custom posts, and fields.

Optimized for Marketing your brand

Our code is optimized to be the fastest and most reliable. We implement natural search engine optimization in order for the website to be ready in its best condition to be published and ensure that it can be ranked as high as possible.

WordPress Now Powers 30% of All Websites in the World

All websites are built with the same technologies; those that run in the browser, HTML and CSS, are the skeleton and styling of web pages. Many websites are actually static and directly built with those technologies, while others are dynamic and allow users to update their content through an admin panel, the content being saved in a database. WordPress offers such an admin panel. It is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on the PHP programming language and MySQL database.

The technologies it uses are simple and broadly available on most web servers, making it easy to install pretty much anywhere on the Internet. To paraphrase (supposedly) Churchill, though, “WordPress is the worst blogging system, except for all the others”, and there are reasons why WordPress is now powering 30% of all websites and is reported the most popular website management or blogging system in use on the web today, supporting more than 60 million websites.

At Outsourcify, we tend to think they are some cases when it makes sense to use WordPress and sometimes it’s better to use an alternative solution, most likely a custom developed web application. WordPress is a good choice when it at the same time simplifies the development of the website and the eases its update by its final users. The main reason to use WordPress is it’s user friendly admin panel that allows users to add and edit content easily, especially it’s well conceived Media Library.

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WordPress Managed Hosting & Maintenance

We care about your website and offer Managed WordPress Hosting to make sure it is running on the fastest servers possible and is always up to date with optimal optimization and security.

WordPress is a great product but its popularity has some drawbacks, including the need to protect it from security threats. The WordPress software is not only constantly being improved in terms of features but it also corrects security breaches by its core team. We have a dedicated Support and Maintenance team with expert WordPress knowledge that takes over the project once it’s designed and developed to your convenience. They will take care of it on a monthly basis, including hosting, maintenance, regular proactive improvements and support for your questions and requests.

Check out our Managed Hosting, Support & Maintenance offers! We have different options, including one that allows you to completely outsource your website management and have our team become your website’s webmaster.

View our Website Care services

Corporate WordPress Solutions Outsoucify web agency bangkok, Thailand office, website, web app, php, symfony, mobile app, webdesign, ux design, website builder, e-commerce website, SEO, Hosting, wordpress, maintenance

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