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At Outsourcify, we are experts at modeling software systems and our team can help you write a software requirements specification (SRS) to describe clearly the software system you wish to develop. This task usually involves meetings so that we can understand your concept. Then, we write functional and technical requirements specifications and Wireframing the different screens of your web or mobile app. Our Audit and Consulting Services help you to define your scope of work for your IT and Web projects.

The final goal of the software requirements specification is to deliver documents that will state in a clear written communication the needs of the product to be developed, which is the basis for an agreement between customers and contractors on how the software product should function.

Discovery Phase


Nothing beats face to face meetings to bootstrap a project, whether in our office or yours, or through video calls. It is important to discuss about the project together for us to understand your exact needs and define our common objectives. At Outsourcify, a project manager will be your first point of contact, in charge of answering all of your questions and making the work move forward.

Functional Requirements

The main objective of this consulting job is to deliver a document that describes the functional requirements of the web and/or mobile app you wish to develop. This is a first step which is primordial and recommended in most cases to make sure you get the right solution for your needs. This document should be listed in a written form, including the business requirements, users, features, use cases (user interactions with the system explained in diagrams) and in general everything that is needed to understand how the final product should work.

Technical Requirements

As any software can be developed in numerous different ways, the objective of technical requirements is to define one or several possible technical solutions that would fit the project, focusing on programming languages, software architecture, server design, and database implementations. With the functional requirements, both documents will then give a global view of where we are heading which will then help to define a budget and timeline.


Different project management methodologies are possible; some are classic and can apply to any type of project, but some are specific to software development and are thought to solve issues encountered on this specific industry to enhance quality and visibility, as well as reduce risks and offer more flexibility. These methodologies can also coexist and complement each other as there is no perfect way to handle a project. Basically, each team and each project are different and require a specific management method.

Agile vs. Waterfall: A Middle Ground

At Outsourcify, we prefer to choose the middle ground between the two most common software project management methodologies: Agile and Waterfall. For the Waterfall model, we keep the idea that software requirements have to deliver a clear idea of how the final product should function to serve as a basis for the development before the design should begin. At the same time, however, we also create our proposal for the development of the software in separated phases and go through each phase using the Agile methodology. This means that the functional and testable software will be delivered at the end of each phase and thus offers enough flexibility to adapt the development for the real use cases encountered during the tests. As a result, we can keep the project in a predefined scope and budget.

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Project Management Tools

Nowadays, it’s important to use the right tool for online communication, and emails seem to be outdated for an engaged and effective collaboration. Instead, at Outsourcify, we prefer to use a number of online cloud-based tools on a daily basis.

Collaboration and communication : Lark / Slack

Lark, is a team collaboration tool that we have been using for many years. It’s actually a free chat that comes as a web interface as well as desktop and mobile apps. Unlike tools such as Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp or Line which are considered unpractical for the purpose of team collaboration, Lark allows you to create many different chat channels which you can share links, documents and files, as well as annotate images. It allows you to keep discussions about each subject clearly separated in its own channel so everything is organized and easy to find. Above all, it has a great search engine which allows you to find everything you will look for even weeks after it was posted. Slack is a more famous alternative which is pretty much the same product…but is not free.

Project and Tasks Management: Teamwork

After many years of trying out different project management tools, we have settled with TeamWork for two years now. We wrote a complet article to explain why we chose TeamWork; however, to summarize, it’s because it contains all the features we need to manage the projects. With it, we can create projects, task lists. We can also displays them in different views, including lists, Kaban views, and calendar views. In addition, we will be able to share these projects with anybody, particularly our clients so they can see work in progress in real time, which can be very useful during the user acceptance testing time.

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