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Workshops at Outsourcify

We offer different kind of workshops at Outsourcify, they consist basically of meetings and a set of deliverables (requirement specification documents, wireframes or a fully designed prototype).

We usually start every project with such consulting to analyze our clients needs and precise them, we call this phase Project Discovery, it consists of interactive meetings between our client’s projects stakeholders and the Outsourcify team, and then we do our homework to come up with a digital project sitemap, and the structure of each page/screen, before getting into the design. We work with a visual first approach, meaning we first create wireframes of all screens from the conclusions of the UX (User Experience) study, after discussions and our client’s approval, and we then move on to the UI (User Interface) design of each page. All steps go through feedback processes through online collaboration tool.

You can eventually expect your website to look exactly like the design you approved.

They differ from conventional meetings in many ways:
  • Goal: Workshops are a way to solve a problem, develop a strategy, or reach a decision, while meetings are a way to share or exchange information among team members.
  • Scope: Workshops are best for intense, concentrated coverage of one topic, while meetings are best for superficial coverage of several issues.
  • Duration: Workshops are typically measured in half-days or days, while meetings are usually measured in half-hours or hours.
  • Structure: Workshops promote constructive involvement in activities such as sketching, brainstorming or diagramming; these activities coordinate and capture group development.
  • Preparation: Workshops must be prepared with specific planning of a list of activities and subjects to address, they take far longer to prepare than meetings.

What is a Workshop?

Workshops are intense collaboration sessions that allow project stakeholders to come together for a focused period of idea generation and hands-on activities that allow them to achieve an actionable goal.

Our workshops consist of meetings and deliveries which can include the full sitemap, wireframes of each screen of the project, full requirement specifications document with a description of all major features, technical architecture choices and the selection of libraries and plugins to implement.

Remember the following guideline when determining whether or not a workshop is suitable for your situation: if you think meetings would be needed to explain your objectives, it means the documents you are providing us are not sufficient to explain the whole scope of the project, and workshops would likely help our business analysts, designers and developers better understand your needs which would later benefit greatly to the project outcome.

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Project Discovery

When you’re beginning a new digital project or reworking an existing one, you want the product to be tailored to your exact requirements. Whatever the circumstances, you want the project to succeed and the product to achieve its goals.

How would you be certain of this outcome? Project discovery is the solution.

The idea is to avoid heading straight on into the design or development and instead to start with workshops with the Outsourcify team in order to clarify the needs to ensure the end result will match your expectations.

Our Project Discovery process


UX (User Experience) Workshops

UX workshops are intense sessions with all the project stakeholders to solve issues and make progress on the specific challenge of the design process. Such workshops encourage participants with creative serious games and hands-on activities to gather ideas and find solutions in order to offer the most suitable digital experience for the end users.

Meetings are not all it takes, the Outsourcify team uses online collaboration tools to discuss the output of such workshop which is usually a fully usable prototype which showcases the product and its planned features.

More about our UX Workshops

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UI (User Interface) Workshops

UI workshops get into the design aspect of a project, the output can also be a dynamic prototype made out of the real designed screens of the digital product.  The goal of such a workshop is to draw out visual ideas for the interface of a digital product, analyze the existing company identity and the design goals of the project. It’s possible to run the workshop with project coordinators and web designers, but having the whole team participating is even better.

More about our UI Workshops

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Technical Workshops

Such workshops focus on figuring out technical solutions to specific problems of the project, scoping it in phases and task lists, propose an appropriate architecture and technologies, and select the best experts in our team to implement them.

More about our Technical Workshops

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Elements which we feel set us apart from most web agencies

  1. A team with multiple expertises : business analysts, project coordinators, UX specialists, UI designers, web and mobile development experts with a PHP/Python/Javascript background
  2. Project Discovery workshops included in all our proposals to understand your needs, define the UX, UI and technical aspects of the project
  3. Visual first approach : several steps to precisely define the website, structuring, wireframing, then design
  4. Unique approach to web animations: We imagine specific CSS and Javascript animations to add a dynamic touch to your website’s design
  5. Custom built digital projects : Outsourcify doesn’t resale existing templates which will make your website or online store look like a thousand others, we create unique digital products
  6. 10 years of digital expertise : we designed and developed hundreds of websites, web and mobile applications
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