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A Mobile App, a Back-office Web App and Back-end API

Major Lifescape Mobile App

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At Outsourcify, we take pride in our collaboration with Major Development, one of the largest property development companies in Thailand, specializing in high-end condominiums that epitomize luxurious and exclusive lifestyles.

Our partnership with Major Development led to the creation of a cutting-edge mobile application tailored for the convenience of unit owners and tenants across their diverse portfolio of condominium buildings. This versatile app boasts a myriad of features, seamlessly integrating IoT technology, such as Smart Lockers for parcel management, with robust asset management, resident/tenant profiles, facility booking, common areas maintenance, repair management, bills management, pet passports, and parking management.

Furthermore, this multi-functional mobile app extends beyond operational excellence; it serves as a powerful tool for sales and marketing. Providing comprehensive information about Major Development's new projects and specific units, the app facilitates down payments, delivers announcements, shares news, highlights events, and showcases special offers. Join us as we delve into the transformative impact of our collaboration, where technology meets the epitome of luxury living.

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1 Project Manager
1 Web Designer
2 Back-End Developer
2 Mobile Developer
Adobe Xd
JavaScript, PHP, Symfony, Vue.JS, Nuxt.JS, Flutter
3 months

Enhancing the User Experience

In our commitment to enhancing Major Development’s digital landscape, we embarked on a comprehensive journey of redesigning user experience flows. Tailoring our approach to accommodate various user roles and leveraging existing functionalities, we meticulously redefined the mobile and web applications.

Our dedicated team not only delved into the intricate nuances of user experience (UX) but also crafted intuitive user interfaces (UI) for all the innovative features. From the conceptualization stage to the final implementation, Outsourcify played an integral role in the entire development process of both web and mobile applications. This collaborative effort ensures a cohesive and seamless user journey, aligning with Major Development’s commitment to providing a premium and technologically advanced experience for owners and tenants alike. Explore the depth of our involvement as we share the intricacies of our design thinking and development prowess in transforming Major Development’s digital landscape.

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The mobile app user interface and its main features

Our collaborative journey with Major Development resulted in a mobile application designed to elevate the living experience for both owners and tenants. This sophisticated app boasts a plethora of features meticulously crafted to enhance convenience, transparency, and engagement.

Users can seamlessly register using their ID cards, ensuring a secure and streamlined onboarding process. One standout feature is the real-time tracking of project construction progress, providing users with up-to-date insights into the development’s evolution. Furthermore, the app facilitates efficient down payment follow-ups, empowering users with financial transparency and ease of transaction management.

The resident or tenant profile feature allows individuals to personalize their digital presence within the community, fostering a sense of belonging. Managing residents and tenants becomes a breeze, with dedicated tools for communication and collaboration, including a built-in chat feature between condo management and residents.

Stay informed with timely announcements and event updates, creating a vibrant sense of community. Parcel management ensures the safe and organized handling of deliveries, while facility booking enables hassle-free reservations for shared spaces. Enjoy exclusive privileges with a feature that caters to the unique needs and preferences of residents.

The app extends its utility to encompass the maintenance of both private and common areas, addressing issues promptly and efficiently. A centralized platform for common billing payments, covering internet, electricity, and water bills, simplifies financial transactions. The phonebook feature facilitates easy communication and connection among residents.

Engage in community feedback with built-in surveys, promoting a collaborative environment where resident opinions shape the community’s future. Even our furry friends are not forgotten, as the app allows seamless pet registration.

In essence, Major Development’s mobile app is a comprehensive solution that transcends conventional living, combining technological innovation with a commitment to community building. Join us as we explore each facet of this transformative digital platform, showcasing how technology can redefine the way we experience modern living.

Empowering Efficiency: a Feature-Rich Back-Office Web Application

In tandem with enhancing user experience on the forefront, we undertook the development of a robust back-office web application tailored to meet the diverse needs of Major Development’s internal teams. This fully functional application is designed to seamlessly integrate various departments, including sales and marketing, lobby management, administration, and maintenance teams specific to each condominium.

Our approach involved creating a sophisticated system capable of handling critical data, which is subsequently synchronized with the mobile app through a seamless API. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the back-end of this web application is powered by Symfony/API Platform, while the front-end boasts a dynamic Vue.js/Nuxt.js interface. This comprehensive solution not only streamlines internal processes for Major Development but also reinforces the synergy between the web and mobile platforms, showcasing our prowess in creating efficient and interconnected digital ecosystems. Explore the intricacies of this innovative back-office application as we unfold the layers of technology that underpin Major Development’s operational efficiency.

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