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Le Club Immobilier Français


The “Club Immobilier Français” is a web platform for French independent real estate professionals that helps them to fully digitalize their activity, efficiently manage property transactions through a strict process, with property ad creation, the automated generation of legal documents, electronic signatures, and online customer relationship management. It also helps to broadcast real estate ads on multiple platforms. We also worked on the club's website, a registration interface with a test to access the club services, an onboarding interface with e-learning and online subscription payment, as well as a client interface for property owners and buyers.

1 UX/UI Director
1 Project Manager
1 Web Designer
2 Front-end Developer
2 Back-end Developer
UX/UI Workshop
Agile methodology
JavaScript, PHP, Symfony, Vue.JS, Nuxt.JS
8 months

The “Club Immobilier Français” is, as its name implies, a French startup, that aims at becoming a club for a specific type of real estate agents in France called “mandataires”. Basically they are real estate agent acting as an independent contractor, authorized to represent clients in real estate transactions. They can handle most of the sale process except the final legal steps. It requires them to be part of an organization including recognized real estate agents, with a government issued card that allows them to finalize property sales.

Unlike traditional agents, “mandataires” operate with more autonomy and flexibility, often working remotely and managing their own schedules. The “Club Immobilier Français” aimed at digitalizing the whole process of a property sale for such agents, vehicle offering a real estate network in France providing a supportive framework, collaborative resources, and a collective presence that enhances their ability to successfully navigate and finalize real estate transactions.

The “Club Immobilier Français” platform serves as a comprehensive management platform specifically designed for French independent real estate professionals, it is crafted to streamline property transactions by implementing a meticulous process that encompasses everything from property ad creation and automated legal document generation to electronic signatures and online customer relationship management. The platform goes beyond the basics, facilitating the seamless broadcasting of real estate ads across multiple platforms.

leclub adhesion

In our collaboration, we also dedicated efforts to enhance the club’s online presence and functionality. The club’s website now boasts a user-friendly registration interface, complete with a qualification test to ensure access to the club’s suite of services. Additionally, an onboarding interface has been implemented, featuring e-learning modules and an online subscription payment system, simplifying and expediting the process for new members. To further cater to the diverse needs of users, a client interface has been developed specifically for property owners and buyers, providing them with an intuitive platform to engage with the club’s services.

Digitalizing Real Estate Transactions

Our agency worked closely with the “Club Immobilier Français” team, which is in part in France and in part in Thailand, to first define through workshops the exact needs of their digital platform that not only would meet the technical requirements of digitalizing real estate transactions but also prioritizes a user-centric approach with a clean and modern design. By enhancing UX/UI elements such as registration processes, onboarding interfaces, and client-specific interfaces, we aimed to deliver a comprehensive and satisfying experience for both real estate professionals and their clients.

The project started with a Project Discovery workshop, followed by a UX workshop, which resulted in a comprehensive vision of the whole scope, and dynamic prototypes of every user interface. Now that the features were clarified and the “Club Immo” team fully trusted Outsourcify for their project, they asked us to apply a design to all screens and develop the platform with the technologies we recommended. Our design consisted on a clean and clear design based on simple colors, including mainly the blue of the French flag, and the red in smaller touches.

leclubimmonilierfrancais wireframes

A SaaS platform with an API-driven architecture

This SaaS (Software as a Service) platform boasts a sophisticated architecture that leverages API-driven development to ensure seamless communication between its various components. At the core of its functionality is a robust PHP/Symfony backend, utilizing the Symfony framework to provide a stable and scalable foundation for handling business logic, data processing, and database interactions (mySQL). The use of Symfony, a popular PHP framework, enhances the platform’s efficiency and maintainability.

The platform’s API plays a pivotal role in facilitating communication and data exchange between different modules. API-driven development enables flexibility, allowing third-party integrations and ensuring a modular and extensible architecture. This approach also enhances scalability, making it easier to adapt to evolving business requirements.

leclubimmonilierfrancais page3

Multiple client-focused frontend interfaces

On the frontend, the platform utilizes multiple Vue.js/Nuxt applications. Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework that facilitates the development of user interfaces, while Nuxt.js is a framework for creating Vue.js applications with server-side rendering. This combination provides a responsive and dynamic user experience, with Vue.js handling the frontend logic and Nuxt.js optimizing server-side rendering for improved performance.

Additionally, the platform features synchronization with a WordPress website. This integration allows for the seamless exchange of data and content between the SaaS platform and the WordPress site. WordPress is often chosen for its user-friendly content management capabilities, and the synchronization ensures consistency and coherence in information presentation across different channels.

In summary, the SaaS platform’s architecture is characterized by an API-driven development approach, a PHP/Symfony backend for robust server-side processing, multiple Vue.js/Nuxt frontends for dynamic and responsive user interfaces, and synchronization with a WordPress website for efficient content management. This architecture collectively contributes to the platform’s scalability, flexibility, and a seamless user experience.

leclubimmonilierfrancais page2

The Platform's main technical features

3rd party API integrations

  • Payment gateway (Subscriptions & payments) 
  • Property price estimations API
  • Legal document generation (to generate mandates)
  • Advertising broadcasting (to post properties on LeBonCoin, SeLoger, Bien’ici, etc)
  • Electronic Signature 
  • AI image rendering – virtual home staging tool
  • Sending emails
  • Online forms (onboarding test and webhook for results)


  • Club adhesion
    • Onboarding multiple steps
      • Add personal information
      • Test 
      • Meeting with the club (videocall)
      • Subscription
  • Property creation (house / apartment)
    • Create property estimation
    • Create mandate
  • Plan visits for properties
    • Edit visit
    • Create automatically client account (the client need to activate using a link sent by email)
  • Visit report

Document generation:

  • PDF generation: custom templates of legal documents
  • Email text generation: through templates and variables

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