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The most common reasons why WordPress sites are hacked

Over the last few years, at Outsourcify we helped quite a few times some people recover their hacked WordPress website after hackers made it a wreck with malwares and redirects. Sometimes it’s a straightforward procedure, a few files to delete, the admin user password has usually been changed and should be… Read More

Clear the mess of WordPress development with Timber and ACF

If you ask any back-end programmers that has been accustomed to the use of frameworks with languages like PHP, Java, Ruby or Python to use WordPress to build a website, they will inevitably end up decrying it and most would prefer to avoid having to use any kind of CMS. The… Read More

Why we decided to rebuild our website with WordPress ?

Lately, we went through a lot of brainstorming just to figure out which technology we should use to enhance our website. There are just so many technologies out there to build a website, so many new languages, frameworks and libraries coming out every day or so that making a choice… Read More