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Secrets of Siam

We created the website and a fully featured web application to manage this newly created travel agency in an online and automated way, including drag and drop itinerary creation, online payment, CRM, email templating. The software helps this agency to automate most of their workflow: the creation and proposal of custom built tours to their prospects, the calculation of costs and generation of PDF travel journals,  the consultation and validation of itineraries online, along with online payment, the management of bookings (hotels, activities, transfers), synchronization with the accounting team, and finally the follow up of customers while they travel.

1 Project Manager
1 Web Designer
2 Front-End Developers
3 Symfony Developers
Waterfall & Agile
Adobe Photoshop
Symfony, PHP, JavaScript, Vue.JS, HTML5, CSS
6 months

Secrets of Siam

Secrets of Siam

This newly created travel agency that offers to organize travels in Thailand and neighbouring countries needed a website to showcase what the offer, as well as a complete system to manage all the companies and hotels they work with, as well as a itinerary builder to create tours for their customers in a modern online interface.

How Outsourcify helped?

On such a large project, our intervention not only consisted in coding but we also helped to define the needs, writing the requirements, dividing the project into phases in order to be able to use a Agile methodology, define the database structure as well as processes and workflows.
Then we proposed a technical solution, which here involves creation a web application with the Symfony PHP framework development, with parts of the frontend using the Vue.JS Javascript framework to add dynamic features to some of the most complex admin screens.


Website & Design

Designing the website

We worked in collaboration with Asia Media Studio, a well known Bangkok design agency, to create the design of the website. We worked with the InVision app, a prototyping tool that allows us to share design ideas and comment on the wireframes and screenshots of the Photoshop designs.

Creating the front-end

When the designs were eventually created, we worked on transforming them into HTML templates, considered dekstop, tablet and smartphones versions to create a responsive web design, and finally optimized the content for search engines (SEO).

View the Website:


CRM Admin Panel

Creating the back-end

Behind the website is a fully featured web application with an admin panel to manage everything that concerns this newly created travel agency, including itinerary creation through a drag and drop calendar interface, online payment, CRM, email templating, PDF generation, workflows with pipelines to manage customer requests and travel plans.

Just to give you an idea about the complexity of the system, its database holds more than 150 tables. Hopefully we used a relational database (mySQL) and the Doctrine ORM (Object Relational Mapping).

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