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UX Design

What we build

Our core expertise is coding, but we also have in our team the resources to design any kind of web and mobile products, with a particular focus on user experience of ERP systems and mobile apps. With our specialists and designers, we help your digital product usability meet your business objectives.

User Experience (UX)

Design is all about experience. Did you know that 80% of users trying an app for the first time, don’t actually open it twice? This is because the first sight was not appealing enough. UX is here to help creating better user retaining.

In fact, the largest companies in the world stand out mainly because of one combination: User Experience and User Interface. Without a proper user experience, an application couldn’t leave and evolve for long.

This is where our expert team steps in. Fans of user friendly digital platforms, we like to focus on providing the best UX that would then become alive with our pixel perfect developer team savvy of great experiences.


Benefit of our UX design service

Efficiency of process

Efficiency and is one of our core values in our agency and it goes along with our innovative tech-driven process.

UX Workshop

We hold a UX workshop to spend time brainstorming with clients to understand and prioritize user needs before designing.

Expertise and Experience

We know what makes a good website, and we implement our knowledge to make our clients’ businesses flourish. We build user experience that are simpler and clearer, increasing client’s growth potential.

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UX design process

We applies methodologies to allows us to be as flexible and punctual as possible. After UX process is done, we go through certain stages during the UI design process, and we always keep our clients informed about project development. we’d like to share our process of user interface design with you.

  1. Research & discovery

    We run workshops to get as much knowledge as possible about your business, project and goals. What is important for us is to dig deep enough to know everything possible to find the best solutions.
    Along with studying your business, we like to evaluate the market and know about your competitors.

  2. Build a sitemap

    We map the user’s needs in order to understand their behavior and suggest and solution that would fit the user.

  3. Defining the problem

    Defining the problem is essential to draft the best road-map to come up with a solution, this is where KPI, Key Performance Indicators, are being defined. We state the problem as only being a challenge so we can only find a solution.

  4. Wireframing & prototypes

    We build a proper content structure and sketch wire-frames to guide users through a clear structure.

osc ux design process

UX Consulting

Our UX design experts can evaluate your business from a new and fresh perspective. They find new ways of reaching your goals and ensuring a wholesome user experience.

With a great amount of experience in UX design helps us to see the pain points immediately and eliminate them. As we care about our customers, we make sure to supervise the improvement process from start to finish.

Discover how we organize UX Workshops

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