A Custom Web Application for an E-Sport Organisation

Web App and Website development

E-Sport Organisation Project

Outsourcify was delighted to be involved in the creation and development of a Website and Extranet web app project for an e-sport organisation. The scope of this project encompassed UX consulting and the implementation of web development to establish a tailored extranet. This customized extranet is intended to facilitate our client in overseeing e-sports players and tournaments, doubling as a content management system (CMS) for their website.

1 UX/UI director
1 Project Manager
2 Backend Developers
2 Front-end developers
Waterfall Methodology
Adobe XD
Git hub
Nuxt.JS, Symfony, Vue.JS, JavaScript, PHP, mySQL
8 months

A Web App built with...

Outsourcify designed and developed a web app for an e-sport organisation. Leveraging the powerful combination of Vue.js/Nuxt.js for the frontend and Symfony API platform for the backend, our skilled development team crafted a seamless and dynamic digital experience. This sophisticated technology stack ensures optimal performance, interactivity, and scalability, meeting the specific needs of the e-sport organisation.

The Challenges

During the project, several challenges emerged, primarily centered around new technologies, project scope, and website performance.

Encountering a few obstacles during the project was expected. Working with new technologies presented a learning curve, requiring in-depth discussions among the team to overcome these challenges in integrating fresh tech into our project.

Additionally, website performance became a focal point when encountering image-related issues. The decision to not keep caches adversely impacted the site’s performance. Addressing this issue required collaborative efforts within the team, engaging in thorough discussions, and devising solutions aimed at rectifying the performance issues encountered due to image-related complexities.


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