Symfony is a PHP web application framework and a set of reusable PHP components/libraries.


Symfony is a PHP web application framework and a set of reusable PHP components/libraries.

The technical solution we usually recommend to create custom web applications is the Symfony PHP framework. The Outsourcify team has several senior project managers with a hands-on experience with PHP projects built with Symfony.

We always use the latest stable version of the framework (currently Symfony 4.2):

Building web apps of any kind

A web framework is a collection of libraries which helps to develop a web application. Symfony is an open-source framework for the PHP programming language created in 2005 that evolved until today (Symfony 4 was released in 2018). It allows to rapidly start a modern web application by providing a set of reusable PHP components to handle security, authentication of users, routing, templating, forms amongs other. It also includes other libraries developed by the same team, the Twig templating engine and the Doctrine ORM (Object Relational Mapper). The Symfony components can actually be used in any PHP application, independently from the framework, and are at the basis of another PHP framework, Laravel, as well as Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal or Magento. Outsourcify has a team of experts in the Symfony PHP framework to help you build a fully featured web application. We have years of experience building web apps in domains such as : CRM, Insurance, Real Estate, B2B Ecommerce, Human Resources, Stock management, Factory Workflow Management, Analytics, Trading and finance, Travel Agency management.


Multiple possibilities in term of custom Features

  • Complex relational databases
  • Custom web services
  • Workflow management
  • Media management: photos, sounds and videos
  • Email sending and templating
  • Chat and internal communications
  • Integrations with third party systems and APIs

Why Symfony?

  • one of the leading professional PHP framework, one of the most used worldwide and the one that is the most recommended for professional projects. Symfony is used by many large companies for web application development (Spotify, Yahoo, BBC, Ted, National Geographic)
  • includes libraries for optimal authentication and security management
  • offers upgradability and maintainability
  • long-term support by a worldwide active team
  • an open source technology, free to use and deploy.

We are experts in Symfony, using it since version 1 was created 10 years ago, we have created a wide range of websites with the Symfony framework and will be happy to help you benefit from our experience and expertise. Our team always uses the latest version of the framework (currently Symfony 4.1).


Our usual proposed stack - Symfony + Vue.JS

The technical solution we recommend to create web applications is to develop a custom web application built with the Symfony PHP framework that will offer exactly the features needed while allowing a smooth integration with third party systems system and protecting the website against security threats.

We often provide a single web application with 2 parts, 1) a front-end public informative website, 2) a back-end interactive admin panel (CMS) requiring administrator authentication.

We also often associate Symfony which is a server side technology with Vue.JS, one of the main Javascript frameworks and will be used to add some interactivity and dynamic data handling on the front-end (in the browser). It helps creating rich modern web applications with user friendly interfaces.


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