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Data & Workflow Management System

MIMU – United Nations Myanmar

The Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU) is a non profit under the direction of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) which collects and organizes information about Myanmar (geographic, organizational, administrative data), and provides it to the United Nations, NGOs and government stakeholders to help humanitarian and general development and peace-focused activities. We developed a custom extranet solution with a massive database to collect and organize their data in a single web user interface.

1 Project Manager
1 Project Coordinator
1 Front-End Developers
1 Symfony Developers
Adobe XD
PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, Vue.JS, PostgreSQL
6 months

Easing populating a complex database

We developped a custom Web Application to manage the existing PostgreSQL database of MIMU, in order to offer them a user friendly interface to :
  • Search data
  • Edit data
  • Populate data with easy navigation to add multiple levels of children (one-to-many relationship(s) added on the fly in the forms for non-technical staff).
  • Implementation of a advanced business rules impacting multiple objects
  • Numerous imports/exports with validations rules
  • Validation processes
  • Data versioning
  • Send email/notifications
The database we worked from requires more than 25 complex forms, hundreds of basic CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) screens, around 50 business objects,  30 classification tables, and in total more than 150+ relational tables.

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