A recruitment platform SaaS

Full fledged web app with an elegant and modern design


Adria is a new recruitment startup in Bangkok backed by one of the largest oil companies of Thailand. They approached us to help them build their product, a recruitment web platform with unique features to help companies expose their job offers online and candidates find a suitable job.

We helped them in the whole process, specified the project requirements through workshops & UX/UI research, created a whole product identity just based on their logo, then developed it as a fully featured SaaS product, including online payments, PDF generation, digital marketing integration (Google tag, Facebook pixel),  custom template email service.

1 UX/UI Director
1 Project Manager
1 Web Designer
2 Front-end Developer
2 Back-end Developer
UX/UI Workshop
Agile methodology (MA)
Adobe XD
JavaScript, PHP, Symfony, Vue.JS, Nuxt.JS, mySQL
6 months
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Steps of the project

For this project, we united indivuduals talents from Outsourcify into a team with various skills: a project manager, web designers, full stack web developers as well as testers and project coordinators.

  1. Discovery, UX and UI Workshops : where handled by the project manager, business analysts and web designers, in collaboration with teh startup team’s stakeholders,
  2. Technical Architecture & Web Development: our technical director, as well as several senior and mid-level web developers were implicated in the project,
  3. Managed hosting and SLA Maintenance Assistance: web developers which worked on the project and a project coordinator continue the ongoing MA and progressive improvements of the web app, and managed the staging and production environment on our cloud infrastructure.
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Our usual workshop process

Workshops we organize can include various subjects and objectives, for JobDaily, we went through the whole scope of workshops we can offer including :

  1. Project Discovery : gathering requirements and collecting information about the different processes, describing the different user interfaces needed in documents
  2. UX (User Experience) Workshops : defining sitemaps, wireframes and prototyping to clarify visually the whole project scope
  3. UI (User Interface) Workshops : creating a custom design for the user interfaces of SaaS web app, for mobile and desktop
  4. Technical Workshops : specifying the technical needs and coming up with the best architecture for the project


You can find more details about our Workshops here : https://outsourcify.net/our-workshops/

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The technical stack we master

For this project, we just went on with one of our favorite technical stack for web apps, based on the Javascript and PHP programming languages:  a front end with Vue.js and Nuxt 2 and a backend in Symfony/API Platform.

Nuxt is a open source framework for creating Vue.js applications, it actually helps in structuring a web application in an organized way, pre-installing most of the features you would need, such as the routing or the state management. Its goal is to help Vue developers take advantage of top-notch technologies, taking care of all the configuration and setup.  It helps the application developers to simply develop the UI portions of the application. 

The Nuxt framework is also helpful to generate faster rendering application, and it also helps to improve the SEO compared to previous SPA (Single Page Apps) applications, using Server Side Rendering (SSR), pre-rendering and code splitting.

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