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Named after the Marasca cherry, Marasca Hotels & Resorts shapes its brand essence around creating 'cherry-on-top' moments for guests. Through stylish designs and high-quality amenities, they aim to offer welcoming experiences that make individuals feel truly at home—a space where they can spend time reset while traveling and rediscovering themselves. Each element is thoughtfully curated to craft an atmosphere that goes beyond accommodation, providing a retreat that fosters relaxation and self-discovery.

Outsourcify was delighted to take on the development and design of its Custom WordPress website, ensuring a digital representation that aligns seamlessly with Marasca's exceptional offerings, capturing the essence of our client's unique and sophisticated luxury travel experiences in the online realm.

1 UX/UI Director & Project Manager
1 Web Designer
1 Wordpress Developer
UX/UI Workshop
Waterfall methodology
Adobe XD
WordPress, mySQL
3 months

How Outsourcify used the Waterfall method to work on Marasca project?

Outsourcify utilized the Waterfall methodology to achieve the Marasca project, moving seamlessly from thorough project definition through design, development, testing, to final deployment:
  1. Requirement Workshop: To define the website’s purpose, target audience, features, functionality, and content that will help us to clarify the sitemap of the website to have a visual representation of the website’s structure, showing all the pages and how they are connected.
  2. UX/UI Design: The modern method for web UX/UI design involves a user-centered approach that prioritizes the user’s needs and preferences throughout the design process. Outsourcify will provide the design specialist with a professional consultancy based on our experience to help the customer get an elegant website design including creating user personas, wireframing,  and prototyping.
  3. Development: Outsourcify will provide a full website development from UI Design which is the process of creating a website by using the user interface (UI) design as a starting point. This involves converting the design into a functional website by writing code and using WordPress technology for web development.
  4. Testing/QA: Outsourcify will provide a team for web usability testing with quality assurance which is the process of evaluating the usability and functionality of a website to ensure the development meets the needs and expectations of the customer. This involves testing the website for user-friendliness, ease of navigation, accessibility, and overall helping the user’s satisfaction with using the website.
  5. Installation/Deployment: The steps involved in deploying a professional website after development is completed include selecting a hosting provider, uploading the website files to the hosting server, configuring the domain name, setting up the SSL certificate, testing the website, and finally launching it.

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