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A massive content migration from Joomla into a new Wordpress website

Global Justice Center

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The Global Justice Center, a distinguished NGO headquartered in New York, is unwaveringly committed to advancing human rights and justice globally. Through dedicated efforts to foster legal and policy solutions, the organization tirelessly addresses critical issues, empowering individuals and communities worldwide with a specific focus on gender equality and the protection of human rights.

At Outsourcify, we are pleased to collaborate with NGOs, and in this instance, the project encompassed two key facets. Firstly, there was a need to revamp their outdated website, which failed to reflect their growth and activism adequately and struggled to showcase their numerous articles and publications effectively. The second facet involved a technological transition from the Joomla CMS to WordPress. The team sought this shift to streamline content publishing, citing efficiency and a preference for the WordPress interface. This migration was a multifaceted undertaking, involving the restructuring of publication classifications (resources, white papers, fact sheets, legal tools, UN submissions, news, media coverage, events, job offers) and the comprehensive transformation of content, including images and associated documents.

1 UX/UI Director & Project Manager
1 Web Designer
1 Front-end Developer
1 Back-end Developer
UX/UI Workshop
Waterfall methodology
3 months

The Challenge

Outsourcify undertook a transformative project to redesign and redevelop The Global Justice Center’s digital presence, transitioning from Joomla to a custom WordPress website. The key challenge lies in the extensive content migration from the outdated Joomla platform to the new WordPress environment. Leveraging their expertise, the Outsourcify team meticulously navigated this intricate process, ensuring the seamless transfer of a vast array of articles, pages, media files, and diverse content categories.

The project involved not only the redesign of the website’s visual elements but also a comprehensive restructuring of content classifications to align with WordPress. Through strategic planning and execution, Outsourcify successfully overcame the content migration challenges, delivering a custom WordPress website that not only captured the essence of The Global Justice Center’s mission but also provided a robust, user-friendly platform for efficient content management and impactful online engagement.

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How Outsourcify successfully migrate The Global Justice Center website from Joomla?

  1. Assessment and Planning: Outsourcify initiated the project with a detailed evaluation of the existing Joomla website, identifying key elements and functionalities essential for the migration. Clear objectives were established to guide the transition.
  2. Migration Tool Selection: Outsourcify carefully selected and implemented a reliable migration tool compatible with the Joomla to WordPress transition. This tool facilitated the seamless transfer of articles, pages, media files, and other content components.
  3. Data Migration: The Outsourcify team meticulously executed the migration, transferring diverse content elements from Joomla to the new WordPress environment. This included articles, pages, media files, and other relevant data.
  4. Content Restructuring: To align with the WordPress structure, Outsourcify strategically restructured the content, ensuring a seamless fit within the new platform. This step aimed to preserve the integrity and coherence of The Global Justice Center’s digital identity.
  5. Quality Assurance and Testing: Rigorous testing was conducted to validate the integrity of the migrated content, ensuring that articles, pages, and media files were displayed correctly and maintained their original attributes in the WordPress environment.
  6. Post-Migration Review: The Outsourcify team conducted a comprehensive review of the WordPress website post-migration, addressing any remaining issues and fine-tuning elements to guarantee optimal functionality and user experience.

By methodically navigating these steps, Outsourcify successfully migrated The Global Justice Center’s website from Joomla to WordPress, delivering a modernized platform that aligns with industry standards, facilitates efficient content management, and positions the organization for enhanced online impact.

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