Technical Workshops

Which technology stack and cloud infrastructure?

Technical Workshops

Technical workshops are suitable and practical when the project doesn’t require much work on UI design i.e. when the project is about an admin facing panel which isn’t the interface facing public users, or when the clients want some upgrades of their existing applications. It lasts about 1 hour to define what are the business objectives and understand the goals and purposes. The interviews with the client consist of core questions such as business outlines and user centered questions.

Then more hours are allocated to defining the technical aspects of the project. The most beneficial part here is that customers usually know what are the needs of the market and know the functional aspects of the project. It helps us to understand the scope better and it reduces the potential risks later on in the project.

The right technology and infrastructure

Since building a digital product entails more than just designing a nice UI and a user-friendly UX; it also entails building a reliable, safe, and maintainable product that will not only win your customers’ hearts but also enable you to scale your company. This is where the right technologies and infrastructure will come in handy.

Choosing the right technology stack for your digital product depends on many factors and amongst them the expertise of the development team you work with is primordial. Outsourcify was initially created by 2 software engineers and technology is our core expertise, on which we added our user experience and design teams. This means you can always be sure we will always have technology in mind.


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What to think about when picking a tech stack?

Elements to consider will be the project size, the “time to market”, which means you may want to begin with a minimum viable product (MVP), scalability or security. All these aspects and more need to be discussed during the workshop between the project stakeholders and our web and mobile development team.

Of course, relying on the development partner’s technology recommendations is standard. As you can discover from this website, we favor Javascript, PHP and Python as programming languages at Outsourcify. A technology stack is a collection of software tools and programming languages that work together to create a web or mobile app.


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What is frontend and backend?

Web and mobile applications are usually made up of a frontend and a backend, which are the client-facing interface and the part that runs the business logic and communicates with the database which is on the server, respectively. This can vary greatly depending on the project, there can be several frontends, for example one for a mobile app, one for a client facing web app and another for a back-office web app which will be used by the product managers.

The backend is the engine that powers and executes the logic of your app, retrieves data from one or several databases, sometimes from third party APIs and it often also offers an API for the different frontends to fetch data, authenticate users etc.

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Choosing the infrastructure for your app

Infrastructure means where will your digital product be hosted. We are familiar with most hosting solutions at Outsourcify and we have hands-on knowledge of most WordPress managed hosting as well as devOps expertise on AWS and Google Cloud (Docker, Kubernetes).

Maybe you only need a performant but cost-effective instance to run a corporate website, maybe it should be specifically configured for your online store, or you might need a scalable cloud infrastructure with load balancing which will likely be on one of the main providers worldwide or on premises. Of course the infrastructure entirely depends on the technologies used, but also on costs as if today any digital product can be hosted on a cloud infrastructure, their cost is still quite high.

Deployment and data migration are also part of the subjects to be discussed during such a technical workshop. We of course aim at offering a seamless transition by migrating the content you might have on existing websites, we have experienced such process on countless projects already and we will oversee the entire process  to ensure that your applications experience as little downtime as possible, if any.


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