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Outsourcify was delighted to undertake the design and development of the Custom WordPress Website for Permsin Steel, a corporate website highlighting Permsin Steel's proficiency in steel fabrication and construction services. This website features a contemporary design, provides thorough details about the offered services, and emphasizes a commitment to quality and safety.

1 UX/UI Director & Project Manager
1 Web Designer
1 Wordpress Developer
UX/UI Workshop
Waterfall methodology
3 months

Permsin is a business that has been passed down through generations and is firmly rooted in Thailand’s industrial landscape. They shape metal and sell it to companies in various sectors such as furniture, automobile, and appliances industries. They have acquired expertise in working with steel, allowing them to develop and expand their activities by creating innovative and high-quality products (through their different companies, EmpowerSteel and Suntech). It is a company with a high-quality craftsmanship that is committed to producing work with great precision.

In line with this, we have collaborated with them to create their online showcase website. Sharp angles reminiscent of steel cutting, echoing Permsin’s core activity, and clear and precise cut plans, reflecting their family-transmitted craftsmanship from parents to children.

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A Modern WordPress theme to match Permsin Steel's Brand Identity

Outsourcify’s process of designing a custom WordPress theme to match brand identity unfolds through a strategic series of steps:

  1. Brand Analysis: The process initiates with an in-depth examination of Permsin Steel’s brand identity. Outsourcify delves into the visual elements, core values, and target audience, extracting insights crucial for shaping the design direction in alignment with the company’s unique metal-shaping expertise.
  2. Requirement Gathering: Collaborating closely with Permsin Steel, Outsourcify collects specific requirements and preferences related to the desired look and feel of the website. This step lays the foundation for a customized design that reflects the precision and innovation inherent in Permsin Steel’s metal shaping.
  3. Wireframing and Conceptualization: Translating gathered insights into a visual framework, Outsourcify creates wireframes outlining the layout and structure of the custom WordPress theme. This serves as a blueprint for a design that not only showcases Permsin Steel’s capabilities but also ensures a seamless user experience.
  4. Color Palette and Typography Selection: Careful consideration is given to selecting a color palette and typography that not only aligns with Permsin Steel’s brand but also contributes to a visually cohesive and engaging design. Outsourcify ensures these elements resonate with the industrial precision associated with metal shaping.
  5. Iterative Client Feedback: Emphasizing a collaborative process, Outsourcify actively seeks feedback from Permsin Steel at each stage. This iterative approach allows for adjustments and refinements, ensuring the final theme precisely captures the essence of Permsin Steel’s expertise and vision.
  6. Development and Coding: Once the design is approved, Outsourcify transitions to the development phase. The team adeptly translates the visual elements into a fully functional custom WordPress theme, showcasing Permsin Steel’s metal shaping prowess with seamless integration.
  7. Testing and Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing ensues to verify the theme’s functionality across various devices and browsers. Outsourcify identifies and addresses any potential issues, guaranteeing a smooth user experience on the Permsin Steel website.
  8. Deployment and Integration: The finalized custom WordPress theme is deployed onto Permsin Steel’s website. Outsourcify ensures seamless integration, ensuring the theme not only reflects the brand identity but also enhances the overall user interface, reinforcing Permsin Steel’s position in the metal shaping industry.
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