A custom designed Wordpress website

for an american insurance broker specialized in environmental solutions

Magnolia Grove

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We developed Magnolia Grove's corporate website, an American insurance broker specialized in environmental insurance solutions. With a visually stunning design, the website showcases the broker's solutions to address the needs of contractors, consultants, facilities, and manufacturers. Visitors can also explore comprehensive information about the company and its team.

1 UX/UI Director & Project Manager
1 Web Designer
1 Wordpress Developer
UX/UI Workshop
Waterfall methodology
2 months
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Steps to create a custom designed Wordpress website

Crafting a custom-designed WordPress website involves a meticulous process. Beginning with a needs assessment and establishing the sitemap, we then design wireframes for each screen, emphasizing layout and user flow. In the graphic design phase, we develop a cohesive concept, which we apply to each screen. The design is then translated into web pages in HTML/CSS, and adapted for responsiveness to fit every device including mobile. With the HTML prepared, we can now create of a custom WordPress theme and integrate functionalities, prioritizing coding standards, focusing on SEO optimization. Thorough testing ensures functionality and responsiveness, the website should be optimized for performance, caching and security measures are implemented. Transferring to a WordPress-optimized cloud infrastructure ensures scalability and reliability. The launch involves careful monitoring, and client training on WordPress usage is provided, along with post-launch support.

  1. Needs Assessment and Sitemap Planning:
    – Understand client requirements.
    – Define website structure (sitemap) and outline page content.
  2. Wireframing:
    – Create wireframes for each screen.
    – Determine the layout, placement of elements, and user flow.
  3. Graphic Design Concept:
    – Develop a cohesive graphic design concept.
    – Apply branding elements, color schemes, and typography.
  4. HTML/CSS Integration:
    – Convert graphic designs into HTML/CSS code.
    – Ensure responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility.
  5. Custom WordPress Theme Creation:
    – Develop a custom WordPress theme.
    – Integrate WordPress functionalities and ensure compliance with coding standards.
  6. Content Integration:
    – Populate the website with relevant content.
    – Ensure proper formatting and SEO optimization.
  7. Testing:
    – Conduct thorough testing for functionality and responsiveness.
    – Identify and fix any bugs or issues.
  8. Optimization:
    – Optimize images, code, and content for improved performance.
    – Implement security measures (SSL, firewalls) to protect the website
    – Apply caching to ensure optimal speed
  9. WordPress Optimized Cloud Infrastructure:
    – Choose a suitable cloud hosting provider.
    – Install and configure WordPress on the chosen cloud infrastructure.
  10. Launch:
    – Transfer the website to the live server.
    – Monitor for any issues during the launch phase.
  11. Training and Documentation:
    – Provide client training on WordPress usage.
    – Document website functionalities and maintenance procedures.
  12. Post-Launch Support & Maintenance:
    – Offer ongoing support for any post-launch issues.
    – Maintain the website with regular core and plugin updates.

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