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An elegant and modern design for this WordPress website showcasing innovative services for the gaming industry.


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We developed VispX's website, a company based in Bangkok that stands at the forefront of blockchain gaming projects, providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions tailored to individual gaming project needs. The program focuses on delivering an additional layer of professional support to incubated projects within the VispX ecosystem, which includes Project Incubation, Capital Raise, Game remodeling, Tokenization (NFT), Documentation and legal Incorporation and Technology Development. The company's corporate website reflects VispX as a cutting-edge technology firm, boasting a sleek design and intuitive navigation, the website serves as a showcase for their innovative services. Visitors can delve into a wealth of information, including case studies, testimonials, and valuable resources, effectively conveying VispX's dedication to enhancing visual collaboration and productivity in the business landscape.

1 UX/UI Director & Project Manager
1 Web Designer
1 Wordpress Developer
UX/UI Workshop
Waterfall methodology
3 months

A lively website

  1. Modern and Engaging Design: The website features a modern, visually appealing design that aligns with the technological nature of blockchain gaming. We employed a clean layout, high-resolution images, and interactive elements to capture visitors’ attention.
  2. Clear Navigation and User-Friendly Interface: We have developed a well-designed website to ensure easy navigation, enabling visitors to quickly find information about VispX services. There are clear menus, a sticky header for easy access, and intuitive paths to key sections such as services.
  3. Focused Content on Services: The site provide detailed information about the range of services offered by VispX, emphasizing their expertise in blockchain gaming projects. These include descriptions of project incubation, capital raising, game remodeling, NFT tokenization, legal incorporation, and technology development services.
  4. Responsive Design: Considering the importance of accessibility across devices, the website is responsive, ensuring a consistent user experience across various screen sizes, from desktops to mobile devices.
  5. Interactive Features: To engage visitors, we decided to include interactive elements and features related to blockchain gaming. We added videos, animations and interactive infographics to explain complex concepts in an engaging manner.
  6. Call-to-Actions and Contact Options: We also added clear call-to-action buttons prompting visitors to take specific actions, such as Launch App button to access directly to the games or Whitepaper for more in-depth information.
  7. SEO Optimization: Efforts have been made for search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure the website appears prominently in search engine results for relevant keywords related to blockchain gaming solutions and services.
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