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Asia Mint Collections

Asia Mint Collections is fueled by a profound passion for coins and numismatics. Emerging from a personal interest, their journey evolved into a commitment to sharing the allure of rare and valuable coins. Recognizing an opportunity to be a trusted source for collectors and enthusiasts alike, they offer a distinctive selection of highly sought-after coins from around the world. Their pride lies in sourcing only the finest coins, and meticulously curating a collection that ensures there is something for every type of collector. Whether it's ancient artifacts or modern treasures, they are consistently on the lookout for new and exciting additions to enrich their inventory.

Outsourcify was thrilled to design and develop a Custom WordPress/WooCommerce e-commerce solution for Asia Mint Collections. Outsourcify teams created a premium and elegant brand identity, encompassing the design of the Asia Mint Collections logo, the development of a Corporate Identity (CI), and a tailored WordPress theme to align seamlessly with the established CI which resulted not only in a functional e-commerce platform but also a sophisticated and cohesive visual representation for Asia Mint Collections.

1 UX/UI Director & Project Manager
1 Web Designer
1 Backend Developer (data migration)
2 Fullstack Developers
UX/UI Workshop
Waterfall methodology
Agile methodology (MA)
WordPress, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, mySQL, Python, WooCommerce
3 months

A Tailored Premium Design

  1. UX/UI Workshop: The process commenced with a UX/UI Workshop, where Outsourcify delved into understanding the values of Asia Mint Collections. This crucial step laid the foundation for the design journey.
  2. Logo Conceptualization: In the next step, Outsourcify’s creative team engaged in brainstorming sessions to conceptualize a unique and memorable logo. This logo became the focal point, embodying the essence of Asia Mint Collections.
  3. Corporate Identity Development: Following the logo creation, Outsourcify transitioned to building a comprehensive Corporate Identity (CI). This encompassed the formulation of cohesive elements such as color palettes, typography, and visual motifs, ensuring a consistent and harmonious brand representation.
  4. Custom WordPress Theme Design: Recognizing the importance of a strong online presence, Outsourcify proceeded to design a custom WordPress theme. This step seamlessly integrated functionality with aesthetics, optimizing the digital experience for Asia Mint Collections’ audience.
  5. Final Integration and Refinement: The last step involved meticulous integration of all design elements and a refinement process to ensure a premium and elegant end product.
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The Data Migration Challenge

Before utilizing our website, Asia Mint Collections employed an online service for item sales. Despite the platform providing a product export function in CSV format, which would have been ideal, we encountered a setback upon inspecting the CSV file – the images linked to the products (both the cover image and image gallery) were absent.

To address this issue, we developed a Python script utilizing the links for each product present in the exported CSV list. This script navigated the platform’s product pages, fetched the corresponding image links, and subsequently generated a new CSV file adhering to the WooCommerce format, now inclusive of the image links.

Upon importing this new file into WooCommerce, the images were downloaded and uploaded to our server, seamlessly associating them with each respective product.

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A Multilingual Website

When designing many websites, the need to be multilingual has become inescapable. Asia Mint Collections is no exception, with the imperative to offer a fluid user experience in English, Thai, and French.

The decision to adopt the WPML plugin was a strategic one. It offers a robust and proven solution for enabling visitors to the Asia Mint Collections site to switch easily between different languages. Thanks to our solid experience with this plugin, we were able to create a fully translatable site quickly and easily.

WPML, an acronym for “WordPress Multilingual”, proved to be a wise choice for Asia Mint Collections, offering seamless integration with WordPress and effective support for the most commonly used languages on the site: English, Thai, and French.

Our experience with WPML has enabled us to overcome the potential challenges of managing multilingual content. The plugin offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the translation process and enables centralized management of all linguistic aspects of the site.

In short, WPML proved to be the ideal tool for transforming the Asia Mint Collections website into a smooth and enjoyable multilingual experience. Our positive experience with this plugin reinforces its reputation as the preferred choice for those looking to extend the reach of their WordPress site to a global audience. If you’re considering making your site accessible in multiple languages, WPML could well be the key to a smooth transition to linguistic diversity.

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