A directory of Thai businesses aimed at foreigners

A Web App and Mobile App where foreigners can find information and deals about Thailand businesses.

Foreigner Friendly Thailand



Thailand tourism logo with elephant and airplane.

Introducing Foreigner Friendly Thailand, a Web Application and Mobile Application initiative brought to life by Outsourcify as a comprehensive directory tailored for foreigners seeking information and exclusive deals from Thai businesses.

At the core of this digital startup lies a CRM backend designed by the Outsourcify team which streamlines operations of the FFThai team to manage all businesses, coupons, and flash sales, to effortlessly distribute promotions to customers, fostering increased sales and drive traffic to various shop branches across Thailand. The CRM backend is equipped with tools dedicated to promoting each participating business, comprehensive tracking mechanisms to in-depth analysis of customer engagement, these features empower the team to tailor their strategies effectively.

Foreigner Friendly Thailand isn't just a directory—it's a dynamic platform bridging the gap between foreigners and Thai businesses, creating an immersive experience beyond conventional boundaries.

2 Project Managers
1 UX/UI Designer
2 Fullstack Developers
2 Frontend Developers
2 Mobile Developers
UX/UI Workshop
SRS Workshop
Agile methodology
JavaScript, PHP, Symfony, Vue.JS, Nuxt.JS, Flutter, HTML5, Sylius, CSS
10 months

The Challenge: a tight timeline

Outsourcify successfully collaborated with Foreigner Friendly Thailand to address challenges in their existing products. The process involved the redevelopment of their web and mobile applications from the ground up. This journey began with workshops to establish detailed Requirement Specifications and UX/UI designs aligned with their corporate identity. Despite facing a challenging timeline, Outsourcify successfully navigated the development phase, ensuring the incorporation of all features according to the established Requirement Specifications.

The usage of the Agile Methodology

Outsourcify implemented the Agile methodology in a systematic manner to carry out the FFThai project, focusing on the redesign and redevelopment of their web and mobile applications. The process involved several key steps:

  1. Project Discovery: Outsourcify initiated the FFThai project by conducting collaborative workshops with the client to define the project scope, objectives, and requirements.
  2. Sprint Planning: The team then broke down the project into manageable tasks and user stories, prioritizing them based on client and business priorities during sprint planning sessions.
  3. Iterative Development: Adopting an iterative development approach with short sprint cycles, Outsourcify regularly delivered incremental updates to the client, allowing for continuous feedback and adjustments.
  4. Client Collaboration: Ongoing collaboration with the client throughout the development process was encouraged, incorporating client feedback into each iteration to ensure alignment with evolving requirements.
  5. Adaptive Responses: Leveraging Agile’s flexibility, the team adapted to changing client needs and project dynamics seamlessly, incorporating changes into the ongoing development process.
  6. Testing & QA: Continuous testing and quality assurance measures were implemented throughout the development life cycle to ensure the highest standards were met before moving to the next phase.
  7. Delivery: The final product was delivered incrementally, allowing the client to evaluate and validate the solution, followed by a comprehensive review to ensure alignment with specified requirements.
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