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eCommerce/Web - A Responsive and User-friendly Design for Online Pet-related products retailer

Custom eCommerce – Web and Responsive Design and Development

Outsourcify designed and developed an online retail shop of pet products based in Thailand. The aim was to envision a digital storefront that not only showcased its extensive product catalog but also encapsulated the essence of a pet-friendly lifestyle, allowing consumers to create subscription orders to receive regularly the products they need for their pet (food and litter for example).

Our responsibility extended beyond conventional design and development; to craft a brand-new online store with an aesthetic appeal but also technically challenging features. We also did extensive work to import dozens of brands and thousands of products into the e-commerce platform, as well as all their different variations attributes (size, taste, format, etc) and images. In addition to the standard desktop version, our expertise extended to the creation of a responsive design, ensuring a flawless and immersive user experience across various devices.

This transformative project allowed us to delve deep into the pet industry, understanding the unique needs and preferences of pet owners, and translating these insights into a visually engaging and technologically robust online presence for our client.


1 UX/UI Director & Project Manager
1 Graphic Designer
1 Web Designer
1 Front-End Developer
1 Worpress Developer
UX/UI Workshop
Adobe Xd
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
3 months

Specific design requirements

Embarking on this Custom Pet Products E-Commerce project, a fundamental directive was to prioritize mobile-centric UX/UI design, aligning seamlessly with the behavioral patterns of their primary demographic, which predominantly falls within the 20-30 age group, characterized by extensive mobile phone usage. Recognizing the paramount importance of this target audience, we meticulously crafted a user experience that harmonized with their preferences and habits, ensuring optimal engagement on mobile devices.

Our responsibilities extended beyond conventional design; we undertook the task of shaping the brand’s overarching identity, drawing inspiration from its Corporate Identity (CI). This holistic approach involved not only creating a visually appealing and cohesive design language but also ensuring user-friendly interactions that resonate with the brand’s ethos.

By aligning the mobile-first design strategy with the established CI, we fostered a harmonious synergy between visual aesthetics and functional efficiency, ultimately contributing to a positive and engaging online shopping experience for our client’s target audience. This emphasis on user experience and brand consistency underscores our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that transcend conventional boundaries in the dynamic landscape of e-commerce.

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The challenge of the User Experience

Conducting an in-depth UX workshop with our client proved to be an invaluable step in our journey to understand and address the unique needs of their business effectively. Through engaging activities such as brainstorming sessions, persona creation, and sitemap development, we gained profound insights into the intricacies of their operations and the expectations of their users. One notable aspect that differentiates this project from conventional e-commerce ventures is the inclusion of a subscription program. This distinctive functionality offers customers a tailored experience, providing a small discount for scheduled deliveries of specific products at predefined intervals.

Recognizing the potential complexities and user confusion that could arise if this feature wasn’t seamlessly integrated, we set a primary goal to ensure a fluid and transparent user experience. Our focus extended beyond mere functionality to crafting an interface that intuitively guides users through the subscription process, preventing any possible confusion. By prioritizing clarity and seamlessness in our UX/UI design, we aimed to empower users, ensuring they navigate the platform effortlessly without encountering any hiccups, particularly in the context of the unique subscription program. This commitment to providing an optimal user experience underscores our dedication to addressing the specific challenges posed by distinctive business models and functionalities.

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Designing the User Interface

Guided by our client’s corporate identity (CI), we created a comprehensive style guide that not only adheres to the brand’s essence but also cultivates a warm and inviting ambiance for user interaction. The strategic use of blue as the primary color posed a challenge, considering its potential to convey a formal and chilly impression.

However, through meticulous design considerations, including the shaping of cards, call-to-action buttons, and icons, we successfully infused the entire platform with a friendly and approachable atmosphere, counteracting any risk of a cold impression. Furthermore, to infuse vibrancy and combat monotony associated with an overreliance on blue, we adopted a deliberate approach.

Leveraging a spectrum of vivid colors, specifically allocated to different product categories, we injected liveliness into the design, ensuring a visually engaging and dynamic user experience. This intentional play with color not only aligns with the overall brand strategy but also caters to user expectations by steering clear of monotony, fostering a lively and enjoyable interaction within the digital retail space.

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Developing a E-Commerce platform

The selection of Symfony and Sylius for this project was a strategic move rooted in the pursuit of building a robust and feature-rich online store. Symfony, renowned for its stability and proven track record, emerged as the foundation for crafting versatile web applications that cater to diverse needs. Its flexibility and scalability were crucial in accommodating the intricacies of our project. Complementing Symfony, we integrated Sylius, a prominent e-commerce platform that currently stands as one of the most widely used in the industry.

The decision to leverage Sylius was driven by its capacity to swiftly generate the framework for online sales websites. Its ability to furnish pre-configured virtual shops streamlined the development process, empowering us to deliver turnkey solutions to our clients efficiently. This harmonious synergy between Symfony and Sylius not only fortified the structural integrity of the online store but also positioned the platform as a reliable and cutting-edge solution for seamless e-commerce experiences. The collaborative prowess of these technologies underlines our commitment to providing our clients with robust, scalable, and user-friendly online shopping environments tailored to their specific needs.

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