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LMC Automotive’s Compass App

LMC Automotive is a highly-respected producer of market analysis and forecasts to the automotive industry. Our task was to create a design concept and suggest the better UX solution along with the UI part and develop the dashboard which we currently redesigned.

Lmc Mockup

1 UX/UI Director & Project Manager
1 Web Designer
1 Front-End Developer
UX/UI Workshop
Adobe Xd
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
JavaScript, Vue.JS

The Challenge

The goal was to redesign a web application which is already developed and created a responsive design for it. There were several requirements regarding the re-struct and re-design of applications from clients.

  1. Making each block on the dashboard modulable and adjustable.
  2. Constructing simply to enable users to understand and access to what they look for more easily.
  3. Maintaining to reflect the brand identity.
  4. Making the web application to be responsive for mobile optimization.
Lmc Desktop

First of all, responding to customer demand regarding the dashboard page, we designed adjustable blocks, but depending on content we defined the limits of the scale of expansion.

Secondly, there is a page named “Application list”, Initial version of this page wasn’t organized in an efficient way. Therefore, it seemed to be difficult to find an application which users really want. We tried to distinguish each application according to categories and made it more constructed simply.

Thirdly, we ensured design elements reflect the brand identity throughout the application by applying their CI guidelines.

Lastly, regarding responsive design, we made every screen of the web application to be responsive for mobile optimization. We prioritized important information, in order to maintain simplicity, organization and usability.

Lmc Banner

The summary of project

The main task was to redesign their existing application to make it more user-friendly and look modern for users. To make the design more effective and user-friendly, we had meetings internally with the team members specializing in design and development and externally with the client for meeting our goals. We are so glad that the final design was highly appreciated by the client.

Lmc Responsive

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