Integrating an AI service for Real Estate

Integrating an AI service for Real Estate

Benjamin Outsourcify

Project Manager and Fullstack Web Developer

The Club Immobilier Français, a pioneering French startup, is transforming the real estate landscape with its dedicated platform for independent real estate agents known as ‘mandataires’ in France. This innovative club digitalizes the entire property sale process, providing a comprehensive management platform for tasks from property ad creation to electronic signatures. Leveraging a PHP/Symfony backend and Vue.js/Nuxt frontend architecture, the platform offers flexibility, scalability, and a seamless user experience. The integration of Gepetto, a virtual home staging tool, enhances property presentations, allowing users to visualize fully furnished spaces with different styles. This cutting-edge solution, seamlessly integrated into the platform, empowers users to create compelling property visuals with just one photo, revolutionizing the real estate experience for both agents and clients.

The Project:

The “Club Immobilier Français” is a pioneering French startup aimed at creating a specialized club for a category of real estate agents known as “mandataires” in France. These independent contractors have the authority to represent clients in real estate transactions, managing the majority of the sale process, excluding the final legal steps. The club’s objective is to digitalize the entire property sale process for these agents, offering a comprehensive management platform that streamlines tasks from property ad creation to electronic signatures. Unlike traditional agents, mandataires benefit from autonomy and flexibility, often working remotely. The platform not only enhances their ability to navigate and finalize real estate transactions but also provides collaborative resources, a supportive framework, and a collective presence. The club’s website has been revamped to feature a user-friendly registration interface, an onboarding system with e-learning modules, and a client interface tailored for property owners and buyers, further simplifying and expediting the user experience.

What technologies and structures were used to carry out this project?

The SaaS platform architecture is API-driven for seamless communication between components. At its core is a PHP/Symfony backend, handling business logic and data processing. The API’s crucial role facilitates communication and data exchange, ensuring a flexible, modular, and extensible architecture, and promoting scalability to meet evolving business needs. 

The frontend leverages multiple Vue.js/Nuxt applications exchanging data with the API, providing a dynamic user experience with Vue.js managing frontend logic and Nuxt.js optimizing server-side rendering. Further, the platform synchronizes with a WordPress website, ensuring consistent data exchange and content management for a cohesive user experience across channels. Overall, this architecture enhances the platform’s scalability, flexibility, and user experience.

Introducing: Gepetto AI

Introducing Gepetto, a cutting-edge virtual home staging tool that is revolutionizing the real estate market. This AI-powered service, available at, offers a unique solution for both sellers and buyers. Gepetto enables potential buyers to visualize a property fully furnished with various styles, even if the space is currently empty or poorly furnished. This innovative feature significantly enhances the chances of selling a property by providing a compelling and immersive experience. The beauty of Gepetto lies in its simplicity—requiring only a single photo, users can obtain stunning results in just a few seconds. Say goodbye to traditional home staging challenges; Gepetto streamlines the process and elevates property presentations to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in the real estate industry.

How did our team put it in place in our client’s application?

In implementing Gepetto into our client’s application, our team undertook a strategic approach to seamlessly integrate this cutting-edge virtual home staging tool. To initiate the process, we created a dedicated page within the application to leverage the powerful Gepetto API. Users looking to enhance their property visuals can now easily upload a photo of the room, initiating a streamlined journey toward a captivating presentation.

To ensure the utmost accuracy and relevance, users are prompted to make specific selections, including:

  1. Room type (Living room, kitchen, etc.)
  2. Style (Minimal, Scandinavian, etc.)
  3. Mode (Decoration or renovation).

Leveraging Gepetto API endpoints, we retrieved comprehensive lists of room types and styles, ensuring users have a diverse range to choose from, as depicted in the provided images.

Using the obtained information, our team utilized Gepetto API endpoints to generate stunning images tailored to the user’s specifications, including the selected mode, room, style, and the uploaded room photo. This dynamic process empowers users to refine their renderings further through available filters, encompassing modes (decoration or renovation), room types, and styles. Upon achieving their desired visual, users can conveniently download the image, with a comprehensive history of all renderings performed on the property available for reference.

On the administrative side, the application offers a robust system where administrators can effortlessly modify available rooms and styles. This seamless integration is facilitated by directly obtaining styles and rooms from the Gepetto API, ensuring automatic updates in response to any modifications, additions, or deletions made by the Gepetto service. In a collaborative effort with our client and the creator of Gepetto, we established a predefined degree of creativity that remains unalterable by the user. This intentional decision guarantees the most realistic rendering possible, with the creativity variable allowing Gepetto to strike the perfect balance between realism and creative expression. This meticulous process ensures a user-friendly and efficient experience for both administrators and end-users, positioning Gepetto as a game-changer in the realm of virtual home staging.

Benjamin Outsourcify · Project Manager and Fullstack Web Developer

Benjamin is a WordPress Developer Expert and Project Manager with 4 years experience as a full-stack developer passionate about digital technology. He always looking for new challenges and always looking to improve his skills in development and even design.

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