Should you prefer SEO or SEA for your website?

Should you prefer SEO or SEA for your website?

Arthur Outsourcify

Project manager, web analyst & SEO specialist


What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization is a method used to boost the ranking and the frequency of a website in the results returned by a search engine, in order to maximize user traffic on the website.

What is SEA ?

Search Engine Advertising is a technique used to displays pay ads in search engine results whenever someone searches for the services or products offered by the advertiser. In this way, the ad displayed matches perfectly with each query.

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Why should I do SEA if SEO is free?

In fact, the two methods must be combined since they are complementary. But the choice will be defined by several factors such as the size of your market, the budget you want to devote to your web marketing strategy, but also the speed at which you want to have results.
To weigh the main strengths and weaknesses of each method, we have provided you with a small summary table.

With SEO, you will have long-term results and gain the trust of Google. It is a reliable and free method, but it’s also a long time-consuming. You will need to make both technical and semantic optimizations.
SEA, on the other hand, is a fast and effective method, but it’s can be expensive. It is more effective in geolocated search or for specific keywords search, It will allow you to be displayed in the first search results instantly.

SEM is the answers!

SEM is a combination of Social media optimization, SEO, and SEA.
Have a good SEM strategy will allow you to be seen by your clients in every web platform by having a 360 visibility.
SEO is important to have a solid base of traffic, and a long term and sustainable visibility on Google search. SEA will allow you to be visible on specifics keywords that you may not perform with SEO only. Social media marketing will increase your visibility and get your leads or client to engage with your products or your companies.

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How Outsourcify can help you with your SEM and online marketing strategies?

Outsourcify takes care of your online marketing strategy to let you focus on running your business.
Our online marketing services give your company visibility to your clients by using the most powerful tools like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to ensure the best online presence on Google and on social media platforms who represents, both together, 80 percent of the web usage.

Outsourcify only works with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising method, to pay only when a client clicks on your ad. It’s allowed to control how much you pay for each click and how much budget to allocate to your advertising campaigns, so you’ll never overspend.
We have a dedicated team that takes care of your online marketing strategy on a monthly basis, including On-page SEO, SEA, social media advertising, lead generation, marketing automation, and analytics. 
All campaigns are fully analyzed in a report to provide you the best Key Performance Indicators every month, to allow you to have a good understanding of what going on on your website, and what are the results.

Arthur Outsourcify · Project manager, web analyst & SEO specialist

Arthur is a project manager, web analyst & SEO specialist. Obtained a master’s degree in digital marketing and e-business at INSEEC Business school in Lyon, France. Arthur loves to travel around the world, to discover new cultures and different ways of thinking.

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