Unwrapping December: Round-up of our latest projects

Unwrapping December: Round-up of our latest projects
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December project summary with festive graphics and gifts.

Discover the latest projects we worked on

As Christmas arrives, we at Outsourcify are thrilled to present an exciting Advent Calendar our most recent projects. We have been so busy since a year or more that we haven’t had time to update our website much, now is the time to make up for it with an extensive serie of portfolio articles to go over many of the projects we have been working on.

Brace yourselves for a showcase of design creativity, and technical challenges as we embark on this special journey this month. Starting December 1st, we’re delighted to announce that we will be unveiling a series of portfolio articles every day, highlighting our diverse range of projects across four distinct categories: Web Apps for startups, Mobile Apps, Complex WordPress, and E-Commerce.

Our dedication to empowering startups will shine through as we will feature several web applications projects tailored to meet the unique digital needs of new businesses.

  • Aroi Restaurants: Online presence for restaurants, including reservations and reviews management, as well as a website generator.
  • Le Club Immobilier Français: A Saas for independant real estate agents, to digitalize their whole work, includes clear workflow to create properties for sale, generate legal documents, electronic signatures, ads broadcasting.
  • Globe The DMC Platform: A SaaS to digitalize the FIT (custom tours for independent travelers) market, helping travel agents offer custom tours from destinations worldwide.
  • Foreigner Friendly Thailand: a marketplace for foreigners to discover good deals, and businesses to advertise their services.
  • Esports Tournaments Management: a fully featured custom ERP to organize tournaments, from teams and players to different types of brackets and elimination games.
  • E-Registrar for MFU: the web interface for students of one of the largest Thai universities to register to courses and receive their weekly schedule.
  • Statistics for MFU: a web tool for the Mae Fah Luang University to generate useful reports about the courses, teachers and students.

From concept to execution, our portfolio of mobile applications represents a fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Explore how our team crafts intuitive and feature-rich apps that redefine user experiences across various platforms and industries.

  • Aroi Restaurants: a mobile app for restaurant owners and staff to handle reservations and their restaurant online image.
  • MyFriend: a super app for pet owners, with pet profiles, pet-related directory, store and magazine.

Discover the intricate and sophisticated WordPress projects that demonstrate our expertise in harnessing the full potential of this versatile platform. We’ll showcase our prowess in developing customized, high-performance WordPress solutions that cater to intricate business requirements.

Revolutionizing online shopping experiences, our E-Commerce projects reflect our proficiency in creating robust and visually engaging digital storefronts. Dive into our portfolio articles to witness how we elevate brands through seamless and secure E-Commerce solutions.

  • Sloane’s: main brand website, Bangkok & Chiang branches websites, physical stores websites synchronized with POS.
  • Stegar: Industrial goods reseller, Vue frontend and Magento as a headless backend.
  • Asia Mint Collection: a collection of rare coins from around the world.
  • A pet product online store: online pet-related products retailer with a monthly subscription plans.

And more…

Each portfolio article will delve into the unique challenges, innovative solutions, and remarkable outcomes achieved in these diverse project categories. By sharing our success stories, we aim to inspire and showcase the depth of expertise and creativity embedded within Outsourcify’s talented team.

Follow us closely on our website and social media platforms to catch the unveiling of each project category every two days throughout December. Join us on this insightful journey as we celebrate our achievements, highlight our capabilities, and demonstrate how we turn visions into reality through exceptional web development and design.

Prepare to be inspired, amazed, and informed as Outsourcify proudly presents our December round-up of projects. Don’t miss out on discovering the future of digital innovation!

Stay tuned, engage with us, and witness the power of our creativity and technical expertise showcased throughout this festive month.

Claodia · Project Manager

Claodia has a multi-skilled profile including digital marketing and project management. She has worked on several website creation/redesign projects (showcase site, commercial site, CRM), bringing her knowledge of communications and marketing. Her strong international experiences with different types of customers enable her to understand and take into account their requirements in order to meet their needs. Claodia works with Outsourcify as a project manager, and we are certain that she will ensure that this project runs successfully.

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