How to achieve 100 on PageSpeed Insights

How to achieve 100 on PageSpeed Insights

Benoit Schneider

Managing Technical Director

You might have already noticed, but we upgraded our website. We went for something completely different and we created from scratch a new WordPress theme which is one of the main services we offer at Outsourcify. We’re quite happy how it turned up and Google seems to be also!

Designing a website to rank up in search engines

This implies that once the site design is ready, to write the HTML/CSS code in a certain sense. The way to write it is fundamental as it’s the HTML itself that plays an important role in search engine optimization.

That’s why we intend to focus on this task: refining the code in order to optimize it as much as possible. It is something very important for the speed and usability of the website, but also for search engines and especially Google. A large part of “on-site” or “on-page” SEO is based on these techniques to improve the speed and internal organization of a web page. Google gives a lot of attention to the technical perfection of your website.

SEO tools to check your website’s performance

You have a lot of SEO tools to analyze your website, usually the home page gives you a score to judge the performance. One of them is Google’s PageSpeed Insights, here is how it reviews our site:

The rating for our website is 99, which is a very good score. However, it is hard to know if this means that Google will give us a higher score when it comes to ranking on search engine results. But it is most likely to be the case, and this is an objective to be achieved for any SEO process to get your website to work efficiently.

Google was penalizing the use of their own services

It turns out that only a few weeks ago, it was really difficult to get close to this 100% and it didn’t really make sense. Google would penalize the use of some of its own website tools such as Google Analytics or the inclusion of YouTube videos. The Outsourcify site would reach 75 to 80 with their previous method of calculating the score, which was quite unclear, even if they do give details on their analysis and advice on how to do better.

Maybe that score of 99 will have changed when you reading this article, you can check it out on this link.

PageSpeed’s Insights diagnostics on items to improve

The PageSpeed results give diagnostics on a few things to be fixed on the website, including fixing the web font load but we’re using Google Fonts, they should take care of this!

Static assets cache policy is mostly an alert on scripts we don’t control, including from Hubspot (the CRM we use) but also Google Analytics and Crisp (chat on the website, in the bottom right).

I assume that’s why it doesn’t have a significant impact on the score, but only 1%.

The third point is about the size of the HTML page, it has 1346 nodes (elements in the tree representation of the web page) while “Browser engineers recommend pages containing fewer than ~1,500 DOM nodes.”. Just under the limit which is why it’s orange and doesn’t impact the score.

Screenshot of Diagnostics from PageSpeed Insights results.

Passed Audits, everything we did right to get that score

SSo we address here certain aspects that we have done well that your website should also focus on. At Outsourcify at least you can be sure we’ll do our best to reach the highest performance possible. These standards change regularly, which explains why a website maintenance is a must.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights explain in detail what should be done point by point to get a website that performs well. Going into each of them would take an article in itself to explain, we will try in further articles to cover the main actions to put in place.

Screenshot of Passed Audits from PageSpeed Insights results.
Benoit Schneider · Managing Technical Director

After studying to become a Web Engineer at the UTBM in France, Benoit experienced working in various IT departments of large companies in Paris as a web developer then as a project manager before becoming a freelance web consultant in 2010, and finally co-founded Outsourcify in Thailand.

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