Preawa’s internship at Outsourcify

An Admin & Human Resource internship experience

Preawa's internship at Outsourcify
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Chief Admin/Finance Officer

Preawa, a Business English major, joined Outsourcify for a two-month internship in an Admin & Human Resource position. Initially shy, she quickly became approachable and was warmly welcomed by the team. Her outstanding qualities included being a fast and self-learner, highly responsible, and always willing to offer help to various departments. Preawa successfully conducted new employee orientations and even conducted interviews, despite initial nervousness. She excelled in report making and document preparation for registering foreign staff in the BOI system. As her internship concluded, she received heartfelt birthday wishes and appreciation for her significant contributions during her time at Outsourcify.

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P’Noey, Chief Admin of Outsourcify writing, let me introduce my Intern N’ Preawa to everybody.

Preawa joined Outsourcify for a two-month internship in the position of Admin & Human Resource Intern. She is currently studying at Assumption University, majoring in Business English within the Faculty of Arts.

During her first week, Preawa appeared rather shy and hesitant to interact with others. However, she made a conscious effort to be more approachable, and the team warmly welcomed her into the friendly environment.

Preawa possesses an amazing personality and stands out as a remarkably fast and self-driven learner. Additionally, she shows great responsibility and willingly shares her problem-solving skills with the team. What impresses me the most is her proactive nature; she consistently asks if there is anything she can do to assist, not only within her own department but across various departments as well.

She even had the opportunity to conduct an orientation for new employees, and she executed it perfectly!

I also gave her the chance to interview the Marketing Intern, and though she was initially nervous, she handled it exceptionally well. =)

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Throughout her internship, Preawa acquired valuable skills, including report-making and document preparation for registering foreign staff into the BOI system – a task she approached with utmost seriousness and dedication.

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On a separate note, I’d like to take a moment to wish Preawa a very Happy Birthday! May this special day be filled with happiness, wonderful memories, and every joy imaginable!

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As her internship concluded last week, it is with regret that we bid farewell, as she now needs to return to her studies. Nevertheless, I cannot help but express my desire to see her continue working with Outsourcify in the future.

Thank you immensely, Preawa, for your significant contributions throughout your internship. Your dedication and assistance have been invaluable to us. We eagerly look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you again.

Best of luck, Preawa! You’ve got a bright future ahead!

Nuey · Chief Admin/Finance Officer

K. Nuey (Kherika) is our Chief Admin/Finance Officer, with over 7 years experience in providing great support to organization, management and colleagues and ensuring to create a pleasant and professional work environment at Outsourcify. She is taking care of Admin, Finance and HR.

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