What Is It Like Being a Member of Outsourcify

What Is It Like Being a Member of Outsourcify
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Jungkyu Outsourcify

Frontend Web Developer

Introduce yourself and how you joined Outsourcify

To whom it may concern, reading this article. My name is Jungkyu, Korean, and I’m based in Thailand where I lived most of my life. I first learned about the company on LinkedIn and went through this website to discover more. I was interested in the international aspect of the team, which mixes Westerners and Thais, and how they take their work seriously through their display of works on the website. I was able to see exactly what they offer, and that made me apply for a job opening for a web developer position because I wanted to work on the projects in my area of expertise.

What have you learnt since you started working here? (work, technology, knowledge, etc.)

React was my initial programming skill, but since working here in Outsourcify, I’ve started using Vue.js, another of the most famous Javascript frontends, which is not that different from react actually, and used for teh exact same purposes. Since then, I’ve learnt a lot from the programming team, not to mention a few, Khom (Architecture & Lead Web Developer), Louison (Project Manager & Full Stack Web Developer), Top (Full Stack Web Developer) and Hans (Technology Lead).

Whenever I feel stuck, I am able to ask for help from my peers and get a better understanding.

To give an example, debugging. It was one of the key things I’ve learnt from the team. It was a question of “why?” such things are happening the way it is before tackling the problem.

Also, all the projects I’ve worked since I arrived all used PHP (Symfony) to build the backend/API and it was my first experience with this technology. I learnt quickly how it worked, particularly how to define the data models, relationship rules between entities and how to create an entity through command line. Symfony allows to generate an API for the usual CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete) so it’s very efficient to work with. Using frontend and backend technologies, I guess that makes me a Full Stack Developer.

Since lots of people worked on the same project and technologies in the team here, how to efficiently work together was vital, we were able to achieve it through “git” (to show what exactly is done on those lines of codes we’ve added or deleted). And with the use of gitflow, creating a new branch whenever we are to implement a new big feature is very straightforward.

Jungkyu receiving a birthday present from our CEO.
Jungkyu receiving a birthday present from our CEO.

What do you like about Outsourcify? What do you want Outsourcify to improve?

Outsourcify has several great things I’d like to pinpoint on, one being the team, how they’re helpful with each other. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, whenever I’m stuck after going through my friendly friends Google and StackOverflow, someone is always willing to help me understand the problem I’m facing.

Also, to highlight another point is that company’s drive towards becoming an agency to be able to deliver all the services that we provide to our customers with ease and efficiently. Of course, it’s not always the cherry on top, there is always room for improvements. And one thing I’d like to mention is communication. Communication as in between project coordinators and developers, and with HR and managers. It’s important to communicate with one another as it’s one of the key aspects in our every day to day activity, I believe it’s something Outsourcify could improve together as a team, not to mention what is happening right now as I’m writing this article, to improve on our external communication.

Summary 🙂

Overall, it has been a pleasant experience so far and I’m sure it will be a pleasant experience for the upcoming events here in the office. To those coming to Thailand, to those currently residing in Thailand, don’t be hesitant on joining the team. You will be welcomed with open arms as I was welcomed when I arrived.

Jungkyu Outsourcify · Frontend Web Developer

Jungkyu is a frontend web developer who graduated from the Stamford International University in Bangkok with a Bachelor of Science. (Information Technology).

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