X’Mas & New Year Company Party 2023!

X'Mas & New Year Company Party 2023!
Company Activities


Chief Admin/Finance Officer

Welcome to Outsourcify

osc christmas 2022 (18)

The party started at 7 pm, everyone was allowed to work from home on that day, so the admin team could set up the place more conveniently.

osc christmas 2022 (12)

While waiting for everyone to come

We enjoyed the photoshooting with the colorful background and had dinner first.

osc christmas 2022 (27)

This year we had more activities for Outsourcify team members to have fun together

We started our night with our Managing Directors giving a speech. After that, we started the 1st activity, which was the gift exchange and lucky draws for the presents that the company prepared for everyone!

osc christmas 2022 (25)
osc christmas 2022 (22)
osc christmas 2022 (23)
osc christmas 2022 (30)
osc christmas 2022 (31)
I’d like to introduce our MCs tonight –> JK & Petch !! They are lovely, right?

We also have….DJs !!

The second activity was to pass the Ping Pong Ball to the person standing behind as fast as we could

The team that spent least time became the Winner.

osc christmas 2022 (35)
osc christmas 2022 (33)

The third one, Guess who he/she is.

The players had to be blindfolded and guess who was standing in front of them by asking only 3 questions and they were allowed to touch a hand ONLY!

Benoit has to withdraw 3 players
osc christmas 2022 (44)
I prefer Girl’s hand Dude!
osc christmas 2022 (49)
Joe, Can you guess?
osc christmas 2022 (46)
Hmm Let touch his hand first

And yes, she knows this guy! The Winner goes to …………. P A T T Y !!!

The last one……Costume Contest! 

We let everyone vote for their favorite custom person, and there were 4 people that got the highest votes. The winner got a reward for 3,000 THB

These are 4 people that got the highest votes. YING / PATTY / XIN and Wi

Sariz: Who did you vote for?  
Bank: I voted for myself, cheers.
Joe: Yes, me too.
Sariz: ………. What !

The Winner goes to………………Miss Wisify !!! Congratulations

She dressed up in a Thai Traditional costume today.  Wow! She looked gorgeous! 

Your face looks very happy, I can see.


osc christmas 2022 (9)
You will never win P’ Ont! I’m sure about that.
osc christmas 2022 (4)
osc christmas 2022 (6)
Khom! It’s not time for exercise !! 
osc christmas 2022 (11)
Please pull yourself together, Students! Don’t be so drunk because I already am!
MD Said “Whoever stops dancing, I will deduct your salary!”
Dangg! JK we have to tag team we might get some extra bonus.

The party night was so awesome, we had a great time together again and again.

Thank you everyone for your hard work.

Words will fall short if I am to praise you for everything you have done for the company.
However, this won’t stop me from telling you how valuable you have done for us.


Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

Nuey · Chief Admin/Finance Officer

K. Nuey (Kherika) is our Chief Admin/Finance Officer, with over 7 years experience in providing great support to organization, management and colleagues and ensuring to create a pleasant and professional work environment at Outsourcify. She is taking care of Admin, Finance and HR.

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