Weekly English Class for Outsourcify’s Employees

Weekly English Class for Outsourcify’s Employees
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Aom Outsourcify

Project Coordinator/Marketing

Working with International Clients and Teams – English Is a Must!!

Not only technical skills that we always need to improve but also English skills in both communication and writing since we work with international clients and teams.

We had been searching for an English Teacher for Outsourcify team members for a few months and finally we got a handsome one, that’s Teacher Zak!


Teacher Zak is an American. He is from Idaho, USA. He has been living in Thailand for 9 years and has been teaching for 6 years already in a Thai school. He can speak Thai very well so we cannot gossip about him in Thai, hehehe.

in class2

Every Tuesday and Thursday we have a 2-hour English class at the office. We are separated by levels for 2 classes, one is on Tuesday for the Beginner level and another one is on Thursday for Intermediate level.

in class

Each class begins after our working hour, which is 18:30.


Teacher Zak teaches us how to communicate and write English in a more proper way such as writing an email, having a conversation in the office, grammar structures and a lot of vocabulary.

He has many fun activities in the class that make students have a lot of fun without being too serious. And I found out I’ve made a lot of mistakes in writing but now I know it!


Everyone in the class enjoys learning English. Even though we have a lot of work on hand, we always attend the class with joy. Some staff bring their work to the class because they don’t want to miss out on the fun activities or maybe the handsome teacher.


If you want to have this kind of benefit, let’s be part of Outsourcify Team!

Aom Outsourcify · Project Coordinator/Marketing

Aom is a Marketing Communications Executive who manages all content on Outsourcify's social media and other online platforms.

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