Outsourcify Company Trips Recap

Outsourcify Company Trips Recap
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Constance Outsourcify

Sales & Marketing Manager

Get ready for an experience of laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments in our Outsourcify Company Trips Recap! Come along as we revisit the highlights of our recent company trips, ranging from team-building triumphs to spontaneous adventures!

2022: Krabi

After one year with no company trip due to Covid-19, the Outsourcify team traded Bangkok for stunning Krabi in our 2022 company trip. We spent 3 days soaking up the sun and scenery, enjoying island hopping, dinners on the beach with live music, and even a day trip to explore coral reefs in Koh Phi Phi and awesome Maya Bay. A relaxed and joyful atmosphere, where the focus was on unwinding and bonding with colleagues in a paradisiacal setting!

2020: Koh Chang

In 2020, the Outsourcify team decided to go to Koh Chang! During 3 days, the team engaged in beach volleyball, swapped board meetings for bomb defusal games, and put deadlines aside for diving expeditions. This island escapade not only strengthened teamwork and fostered creativity but also created unforgettable memories!

2019: Kanchanaburi

In 2019, the Outsourcify team chose Kanchanaburi as their destination. They paddled ancient rivers, explored stunning waterfalls, and built memories under starry skies, strengthening bonds and sparking creativity outside the office. From temple tours to jungle adventures, this trip proved Thailand’s magic could turn deadlines into dive expeditions and colleagues into lifelong friends.

2018: Koh Chang

Sun-kissed beaches replaced Bangkok buzz as Outsourcify hit Koh Chang for their 2018 trip. Diving deep into relaxation, they swapped coding for cocktails and deadlines for snorkeling, weaving team spirit, and creativity into every sandy adventure.

From paradisiac beaches to jungle landscapes, our company trips haven’t just been vacations; they’ve been epic chapters in the Outsourcify story. But our wanderlust isn’t sated yet. The world is our oyster, and we can’t wait to see what new adventures the next five years hold. The best is yet to come!

Constance Outsourcify · Sales & Marketing Manager

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