A clean and healthy working atmosphere at Outsourcify!

A clean and healthy working atmosphere at Outsourcify!
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Ahra Outsourcify

Web Designer

We’ve got some air purifiers, what do you got?


Lately the air pollution in Bangkok has been bad.. really bad.. 🤒

Air pollution is likely to be an annual event in Thailand, especially in Bangkok, after the ‘cold’ season. Some experts say the pollution is mostly from the burns in the fields by the agriculture industry; that comes adding up with all the fumes from automobiles, construction, factories etc.
Burns are still practiced a lot in Thailand, even experts saying it is bad for the ground, for the air and so for the health.
And yet, fields and forests all over Thailand are being burned once year so all the population around is affected by it.

It causes many people such as children or elder people to get locked up at home for a while as it causes health issues. Schools are being closed sometimes, people are being advised not to go outdoors without an anti PM2.5 mask, not to exercise outdoor etc.

So to reduce the amount of pollution getting in our office and keep a healthy working atmosphere all day long, we’ve got some new air purifiers!

We hope you will continue doing your best to take the air quality situation seriously and stay safe! 😷

Ahra Outsourcify · Web Designer

A Korean national, Ahra joined Outsourcify to bring her experience as a designer in Seoul, the US and New Zealand and her specific creative vision to our design team in 2019.

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