Online Store built with WooCommerce

Coffee Products e-commerce website design and development


Our job was to regroup the corporate and e-commerce pages into a newly designed website to create an online shop for cofee related products with additional features such as training events bookings.

1 Project Manager
1 Web Designer
3 Web Developers
Adobe Photoshop
PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML5, CSS
4 months

Boncafe, a Coffee brand in Thailand

Coffee and coffee machines

As one of the most famous coffee products and imported coffee machines distributor in Thailand, BonCafe deserved an effective online shop. They used to have 2 separated websites, a corporate website and an online store, which was confusing and ended up in very few online orders.

How Outsourcify helped?

BonCafe had 2 separated websites, one for corporate identity and one for e-commerce, both with outdated design and functionalities. We designed a complete new website merging everything you need to know about BonCafe in Thailand, shop for the best coffee, register to training workshops, read the monthly magazine, discover new recipes etc.


A Responsive Online Shop

Clear navigation, easy purchase

Our main idea was to create a clear menu with a mega submenu for the products to easily access any product by category and subcategory.

Available on all devices

As for all of the websites we develop, the BonCafe website had to be responsive and adapt to any device size, with a specific simplified version for mobiles.



A fully updatable website

We used WordPress as the CMS (Content Management System) by creating a custom theme from the HTML/CSS templates, the whole website is dynamically generated from its content which is updatable easily by a non developer in the WordPress admin panel.

A complete e-commerce solution

WooCommerce is an add-on to WordPress that transforms it into an online store, thus allowing the shop manager to add and edit products, their details, photos, prices and manage orders from customers.


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