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Kitchen Furniture WordPress website design


Somerville is a professional kitchen furniture specialist that distributes a dozen of brands,  operating in South East Asia for over 60 years. They needed a new online shop website to showcase the large number of products they sell and allow their customers to create online quotes.

1 Project Manager
1 Web Designer
2 Web Developers
Adobe Photoshop
PHP, WordPress, HTML5, CSS
6 weeks

From Design to a fully Responsive Wordpress Website

This project is another case of our Design to WordPress services as the customer provided us with the look and feel of the website through a few designed screens including the homepage. Our work consisted in transforming these into static HTML templates, for which we followed responsive web design principles, and then into a custom made WordPress theme.

Responsive Web Design

Like all websites we build at Outsourcify, we applied the responsive web design principles, which means we used CSS techniques in order to allow the web pages to be styled differently depending on the size of the device used to view it. This allows to give a different treatment to some of the elements of the page depending on the space that is available on screen. The best example would be the menu, a classic horizontal menu bar on desktop that becomes a “hamburger” menu on mobile. Other elements are also impacted, most likely items displayed in a row would switch to a column view on tablet or mobile. The whole concept is based on breakpoints which are screen width in pixels that state a limit between 2 behaviors, for example under that threshold the page will behave as a mobile page, above as a tablet page.

Custom WordPress Theme

There are sometimes some misunderstanding about WordPress, some people seem to think the best way to use WordPress is to start from a theme downloaded from the internet, whether free or paid, and create a child theme to modify it. At Outsourcify, it’s something we prefer to avoid doing, our go-to is always to create a new theme completely from zero in order to build it exactly as it should be without the overhead of a multi-purpose theme with many features that won’t be used and most likely missing tons of features that will have to be hacked in it. WordPress works best when kept simple and effective.




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