Custom B2B e-commerce platform

B2B online platform for interior design shops

VTS Plus

VTS Plus is a B2B e-commerce platform where businesses in the interior design retail industry can search for suppliers and order online. We create a whole web app where suppliers can manage their shops, products, stocks. It also includes invoicing, PDF exports, Excel imports. On the other hand, customers can navigate through the supplier shops, search for specific products, create carts and finalize them as orders.

1 Project Manager
1 Web Designer
1 Web Developer
Waterfall & Agile
Adove Photoshop
Symfony, PHP, HTML5, CSS
6 months

A Business to Business e-commerce platform

This B2B e-commerce platform is exclusively dedicated to professionals where businesses in the interior design retail industry can search for suppliers and order online. The platform offers thousands of products from nearly a hundred suppliers in different categories and subcategories, for example gardening equipment, sofas or interior decoration.

Both suppliers and customers can log in to the platform and each have a different user interface. The suppliers can update their online shop, personalize it with texts, photos and videos, as well as manage their products through Excel exports and imports. They also use their interface to view the orders made to their shop and follow up the ordering process, with confirmation, invoicing (generated in PDF), payment confirmation and shipping.


How Outsourcify helped?

We created a complete web app with 4 different user interfaces: the public website, and different panels with specific features for customers, suppliers and administrators. The design was provided to us as Photoshop files which we integrated in HTML/CSS, before implementing them as website and web app pages. 

Technology stack: PHP/mySQL were used through the Symfony framework, our technology of choice when building custom web applications.

Features: Fully translated in English/French, Cart/Order workflow per shop, Image manipulation/resizing, Excel export/import, PDF generation.


E-Commerce fit to specific needs

The e-commerce section of the website is only accessible to authenticated users, which must be business owners that have been validated by the VTS Plus team through an onboarding process to verify their identity and business registration. The platform is only accessible to businesses, most likely interior decoration shop owners, and provides special wholesale prices through specific agreements with each supplier.

The online store has all the classic features that can be expected, product listings, search and filters through categories and price ranges, viewing product details in popups, adding products to a cart, selecting quantities. It also holds some sections with specific informations about the supplier : the type of products they sale, special promotions and videos showcasing the products.

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