B2B Services matching startup

UX/UI and custom Symfony web app development


Expendee is a B2B Services matching startup that asked us to build a web application where businesses could discover other business-service oriented companies, and use the website as a Financial Intermediation Platform to ask service providers for quotations and select the best offer.

Outsourcify collaborated the Expendee management team to specify and fixate their concept, then offered them wireframes of all the application screens, and eventually we designed the website and the user interfaces. The project is now coming to its final phases and is being tested by end-users before the final launch and marketing process starts.

1 Project Manager
1 Web Designer
1 Web Developer
adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD
Symfony, PHP, JavaScript, Vue.JS, HTML5, CSS
4 months

Partnering with startups

The Outsourcify team worked on the project directly with the start-up creators to specify, design and develop the Expendee Web App. It consists of a responsive web application accessible through a browser (and support functionality in Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Opera) on the expendee.com domain name, featuring a public website to discover offers by corporate service providers (starting with accounting and lawyer industry), a request for Customer offers, a login form from which Suppliers can access their secure account where they can get an overview of possible tasks to complete and make offers on the tasks.

Customers do not have a login on the web page, but are sent a link to follow the progress of the offers. This is a new way of handling customer interaction without the need for a user account protected by a password. The links sent by email contain a 16 character-long random passphrase which is enough to protect the customer’s user interface.

The web application also features an admin area in which administrator users can manage all content of the website in a proprietary content management system (CMS) and manage the CRM, databases, the users and the orders. The website and admin panels are fully multi-languages with Thai and English for a start.


From wireframes to design

Our process involves gathering detailed requirements early on to understand the full scope of the project. This doesn’t mean we do not offer flexibility also, but on a project of such a scale, the agility should only be applied to specific use cases and not to the main features which shall be clearly stated from the beginning.





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