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LMC Automotive

LMC Automotive is an English company that has an office in Bangkok, they are a market intelligence services provider focusing on the automotive, they collect and disclose data such as car sales numbers worldwide and provide forecasts on the market.

They gave the name Compass to the web application we created, an online delivery and interactive analytics tool that allows their customers to directly access online the data and forecasts they provide in an array of different ways and to bookmark any personal selections.

1 Project Manager
1 Front-End Developer
2 Symfony Developers
Waterfall & Agile
Adobe Photoshop
PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, Vue.JS, HTML5, CSS
12 weeks

A Web Application based on the Symfony PHP framework

After discussing their needs with them, we found out the best solution to create the product they were aiming for was to create a web application from scratch, and offered to use our expertise with the Symfony PHP framework.

The complexity of the project came from the fact it involved uniting data and content from different sources. The authentication of users was a sensitive task as they came from an outside database while we also needed to save their settings and allowing them to reset their passwords. Then another complex part was to retrieve the data they have access to through a web socket.


Data Analytics for Business Intelligence

Compass is a business analytics application that displays data in various ways, this data is provided by Qlik Sense from Qlik, which provides creative ways to store and analyse data, but also  interact and visualise it online. The Qlik Engine JSON API is a WebSocket protocol, we used it to retrieve information as JSON objects from the Qlik Engine and display them for users in Compass as data tables, graphs, world maps etc.


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