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Kombat Group WordPress Website

Kombat Group Thailand is an All-Inclusive Fitness and Weight-Loss Resort located in the outskirts of sunny Pattaya. We created their whole website user-experience (UX) and designed their user-interface (UI) to promote at best their services.

Kombat 01

1 Web Designer
1 Front-End Developer
1 Wordpress Developer
UX/UI Workshop
Waterfall methodology
HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress
2 months

Direction of the design

We aimed to make this a much more significant experience than just an all-Inclusive fitness and weight-loss resort structure : the users of the website would come from all around the world and be truly interested to learn about Thai traditional martial art “Muay Thai”.

Since the website users are international, we made the user-experience our priority and tried to make it universal so people can access the information regardless of nationalities. 

We also aimed to represent the values of Kombat group through the UI design.


Kombat 06

Harmony of design element

Icon styles, colors and fonts are elements that customers naturally encounter in their services. it is important to integrate them in the design. We tried to balance the yellow and black to define and use elements consistently to indicate the image of Kombat group. At the same time, we settled on a way that allows us to optimize the space of the website and show everything our client wants to show.





Kombat 04

Tools for best technology

Applicants for a course are required to pay during the application process. They have different payment methods possible and can directly pay through their applicant panel which is easier since there are a lot of different courses. In this case, development was required an excellent knowledge of HTML/CSS, JS, wordpress and front-end technologies. Our goal was to deliver a website where users can get information and apply for the course they want easily on Kombat group

Kombat 07

The summary of project

We needed to be active in telling brand stories, and we needed to be able to find a way to get to the brand’s location.

We tried to indicate the image of brand effectively to users. At the same time, we set up the user-experience our priority and tried to make it universal so people can access regardless of nationalities.




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