A 2017 retrospective

A 2017 retrospective
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Kwanruedee Sangkhep

Executive Manager

The year is nearly finished, it is the time for some reflection on the previous year and our plans for another one.

First and foremost, the whole Outsourcify team is wishing you a great year 2018! We won’t be original – we will simply offer our thanks to our customers.

Thinking back on 2017 we might want to thank all of the customers we had a delight to begin working with. It was extraordinary to welcome new customers and we truly trust that it is the start of a great work relationship. Yet, we should devote most of our thanks to our returning regular customers, those that have been working with us for a considerable length of time as of now, several since the predecessor of Outsourcify, Eklektik Web.

That is huge trust we got from you, and that is the best reward that we could get and the most grounded testimonial of our service. We are pleased to be part of your success.

We can guarantee that we won’t change in 2018. We will even now be attempting to proactively help you on each phase of your task. We will in any case be endeavoring to figure your requirements and do everything to help your prosperity.

We can guarantee that we won’t change in 2018, but our team might become larger, as it did in 2017 which saw quite a few things happening in our company which can be resumed in one word : growing. Our team basically doubled its size in a year, with of course a lot of fresh new blood with young developers from Thai universities but also two foreigners which by pure luck are both from Finland.

The entire Outsourcify team might want to wish you the continuation of our shared success. Happy New Year!

Below are a few photos of the highlights of our team’s dinners, barbecues and trips.

Kwanruedee Sangkhep · Executive Manager

With a degree in software engineering from the Mae Fah Luang University of Chiang Rai, Kwan has had experiences as a web developers working in Australia for 4 years before coming back to Thailand to found a web agency in 2013 which evolved into Outsourcify.

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