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An impressive IoT & AI analysis web app UI redesign

Next Industry Web & Mobile Application

Next Industry provides a one-stop IT solution which includes requirements of design and IoT & AI analysis. The goal was to redesign a web application which is already developed and created a responsive design for it. The main task was to create an impressive UI design. Furthermore, we suggested the better UX solution along with the UI part.

Next Industry Mockup

1 UX/UI Director & Project Manager
1 Graphic Designer
1 Web Designer
UX/UI Workshop
Adobe Xd
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
2 months

Design requirements

The core requirement for this project was that we had to make two different color themes(light and dark). To convey the features and information clearly and easily to users without any interruption by different color themes , we focused on staying simple and keeping the constancy of design elements. In addition, we tried to find the best way to display intricate charts that look readable along with a good visual regardless of the screen sizes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Next Industry web application

Solutions of user experience

UI was the biggest part of this project, nonetheless, we also suggested the better UX solution. At first, the previous application had a load of information along with different types of complex graphs in inappropriate layout. It seems to have been hard for users to find the information they want at the first glance. Furthermore, the way they represented the filter function might have occurred confusion among users. For these kinds of problems we found through their previous UX design, we suggested the better solution and modified them.





Next Industry web application

User interface design

We used the colors based on their brand identity which made it possible to enhance the readability and attracted the user’s attention even on the dark scheme theme. Fonts also were selected specifically for easy reading of information and charts. In addition, our challenge was to improve information structure and make it more engaging with the help of design components.




Next Industry Thumbnail

The summary of project

Our task was to redesign the application in a clear and intuitive UI design and improve the provision of high quality interaction with the target audience. We focused on functional and minimal design for the better user experience along with the best practicing user interface.





Next Industry - Mobile application

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