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Thomson Medical

Thomson Medical Group is Singapore’s leading providers of healthcare services, that operates its own hospitals since 1979.

The website Outsourcify created for this group of clinics in Singapore is one of the most complex Wordpress websites we ever built as it includes a number of custom items including a directory of doctors and clinics, associated to transversal services.

1 Project Manager
1 Web Designer
3 Web Developers
Adobe Photoshop
PHP, WordPress, HTML5, CSS
12 weeks

Pixel perfect design to HTML

On this project, we worked in partnership with a Singapore design agency who created a great design for the Thomson Medical Group’s new website. The first step we overtook was to transform all page designs from the Photoshop pages we received to fully responsive HTML templates.

We didn’t use any CSS framework but instead decided to create our own CSS structure based on SCSS rules that would fit perfectly the needs of the design, with a simplified CSS grid. This allowed us to avoid overgrowing the size of the generated CSS which would have been the case using Bootstrap or an alternative.

The InVision prototyping tool was used throughout the project to showcase the screen designs and to simulate the navigation between pages, which helped understand the concept of the website.

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