Haircut Startup appointment Mobile App

Haircut website, mobile Application and digital marketing strategy

Haircut Startup Mobile App

Haircut Co. is an american startup that imagined a new way to offer hairdressing as a service, the objective being to install temporary hairdresser salons where hairdresser can offer their services, in the same way taxi drivers offer their services on Uber or Grab. They contacted us to design and develop a mobile application whose role is to allow customers to book hairdresser services and pay through the app, and the service providers to manage their bookings. This "haircut application" is a mobile application for which we first created wireframes from the requirement specifications and after a UX/UI study, then we designed then dozens of different screens needed and we finally developed the app. Both iOS and Android applications were generated from a unique React Native code base.

2 web designers
2 mobile developers
Agile Methodology
Adobe Photoshop
React Native
3 months

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