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The ideal place for programmers to take a rest.

Tealily Matcha Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand

Today we would like to introduce you to Yok, one of our developer, and how she spends her weekends to motivate herself. It’s important to take some rest after a long and tiring week. Especially, if your job requires you to look at the monitor for a long time. I want to say, I miss the nature so much, it makes my eyes and brain relax! If you sometimes feel that way, here is the perfect café to relax, ‘Tealily Matcha Café’.

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While having a favorite dessert and tea can ease the fatigue

Yok usually visits the café with her friends. She says “I feel calmer because throughout the week we work hard all the time. When being in a quiet corner of the cafe and sipping tea while eating my favorite dessert can ease the fatigue”. Many studies showed evidence that tea can reduce anxiety and influence psychopathological symptoms. It can also aid in brain function by enhancing working memory. You might still wonder why she recommends ‘Matcha Café’ regardless of healthy effect of the tea. Yok gives you the answer: “As far as programming is concerned, one must have a very high logical quotient, and a deep understanding of mathematics. Which means programmers should keep up in order to keep their memory and logic work. So I try to reduce stress, and try to find something which makes my life healthier in the daily life”.

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Learn how to brew tea in the traditional way and boost your motivation to start a new week through a relaxing time

Tealily Matcha is located at Sukhumvit 49/1 near BTS Promphong, and is easy to access by motorcycle taxi. According to Yok, when there are not many customers, the cafe owner demonstrate how to prepare tea to people. If you are interested in tea culture, don’t miss out this chance to learn how to brew tea in the traditional way. In addition, the interior of Tealily Matcha Café is woody and green. What a perfect place to refresh yourself! ?

For your reference, here is the recommendation of the dessert and beverage from Yok. “Hojicha tea, green tea and Dango with kuromitsu source”.

This is how our programmer Yok spends her weekends. I hope this article will inspire you how to spend the weekend in the meaningful way. Thank you for reading our article!

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Ahra Outsourcify · Web Designer

A Korean national, Ahra joined Outsourcify to bring her experience as a designer in Seoul, the US and New Zealand and her specific creative vision to our design team in 2019.

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