Weekly/monthly web tech focused articles to follow

Weekly/monthly web tech focused articles to follow

Benoit Schneider

Managing Technical Director

As someone working in a web agency and especially being the CTO (Chief Technology Officer), technology intelligence is a mandatory task in a domain where everything is evolving at a crazy pace. Especially when working with open source technologies, you have so many new techniques, libraries, programming languages and tools that are created everyday, it’s necessary to discover those that could benefit to our team, find out the opportunities to improve our current tech stack and tooling environment.

Of course, the internet is the best source for anything concerning web design or development. Below is a list of magazines, blogs or people that regularly publish articles that are themselves summarizing the best articles to read online to get informed.

Weekly News for Designers from Speckyboy


A collection of the latest web design resources, articles, learning guides, new tools, that have all been either released or published the previous week. They have currently 468 of them so it’s been a few years they are around.

Codrops collective


Another long lasting magazine with a weekly article, listing the latest news and resources from the web design & web development community. Also check their playground for interesting new techniques, especially for web animations.

CSS weekly

This one is actually a newsletter but they have a web version and an archive page.

Weekly Design Reading List by Anselm Hannemann


Another reading list listing articles you shouldn’t have missed that week if you’re managing a design or development team.

Monthly Web Development Update


This is also by this guy Anselm Hannemann but condensed in a single monthly list and published on the excellent Smashing Magazine.

Five a day : web design an development news, articles & tutorials

This website gives you just 5 articles to read every day.

JavaScript Weekly


That one’s quite straightforward, everything you missed about Javascript that week should be there.

Benoit Schneider · Managing Technical Director

After studying to become a Web Engineer at the UTBM in France, Benoit experienced working in various IT departments of large companies in Paris as a web developer then as a project manager before becoming a freelance web consultant in 2010, and finally co-founded Outsourcify in Thailand.

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