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A Place That A Designer Must Visit

ICON Siam, Bangkok, Thailand

There is a saying that the real experience of a designer is made after work, not at the office.
Inspiring yourself to be a better designer is not only about searching online or reading books. It’s more about what you see, hear, and feel, for new ideas or to find “real” insights for inspiration.?
I’m the designer who believes that the discovery and exploration make life more interesting and create creativity. I would like to introduce ICON Siam which is the rising hot place in Thailand.

The reason why I would like to introduce Icon Siam is because This place is full of comprehensive art, cutting edge technology. Because of that reason, I would like to introduce Icon Siam located in Bangkok as a must-visit place in Bangkok. I visited this place for the first time with my friend on the weekend. Iconsiam is a huge shopping mall that is emerging as a new landmark in Thailand.

I believe that when I shop, I can see the popular trend of the country and the brand that can only be seen locally. In addition, it’s a lot of fun to see things. For that reason, As a designer who needs to be sensitive about trend, I can get new design inspiration through shopping.

It’s even fun to watch without buying. While watching, I was able to relieve the stress of the week. I think Iconsiam is a special place where you can get fun and design inspiration by just window shopping.

You can solve your shopping and hobby needs all at once.

The mall also has a variety of facilities. You can meet world-class luxury brands, fashion and sports brands, and enjoy a wide range of shopping in addition to fashion such as beauty and electronics.

In addition, Takashimaya Department Store and Apple Store opened for the first time in Thailand. If you’re interested in techy stuffs produced from Apple as me, I recommend you to visit the store. Time will really goes so fast even by just playing on the sample electronic appliances. And you can even learn what is the trend these days in cutting edge technology.

Sook Siam, indoor floating market where you can experience a variety of foods and activities

In the basement of the shopping mall, there is a floating market called Sook Siam. The floating market is very unfamiliar to Koreans. For that reason it was very interesting and exotic to me.

Every tile and painting on the floor and walls were so beautiful. I could inspired by a variety of designs in a single space. I thought it was a space where people can get new experiences and ideas without distinction of texture, interior, architecture, graphics, and web design.

In addition, the restrooms inside the shopping mall are decorated of statues and painting from the sink to all the walls and floors; that revealed a great admiration in me.

Food is also inexpensive and with a wide range from Thai to International food, so you can satisfy your eyes and mouth at the same time :).

This is how a Korean designer like me spends weekends in Bangkok. I hope this article will inspire you on how to spend the weekends in the meaningful way. Thank you for reading my article, more inspiration will follow.

Ahra Outsourcify · Web Designer

A Korean national, Ahra joined Outsourcify to bring her experience as a designer in Seoul, the US and New Zealand and her specific creative vision to our design team in 2019.

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