Insurance Broker Management

Insurance Brokerage Company Web Application

Insurance Broker Management

For an insurance broker, having a solid database and management system is primordial, we created a featured rich CRM that manages customers details as well as cover sheets creation and renewal worflows, automatic emailings and reporting.

We have developed a complete application for managing an insurance brokerage company that is currently used by several businesses and we could offer it to any other brokers. This web application is entirely customizable to any needs of an agency.

1 Project Manager
1 Web Designer
1 Web Developers
Adobe Photoshop
PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS
3 months

A website and customer database

This application is integrated in a web site that our team also designed and developed, allowing to connect the quote requests from the website visitors with the admin interface. It is intended to be used by a team and allows a manager to easily follow the work of his employees.

The main features include :

  • Database of all insurance companies and all the policies they offer
  • Database of customers and their cover sheets
  • Workflows : cover sheet creation process, renewal process, answer quote requests
  • Alerts on urgent tasks
  • Reports and statistics.

Feature rich and fully online

The features offered in the app are :

  • complete customer database
  • database of all insurance companies, their policies (in various categories Motor, Property, Health etc), their representatives
  • process to record the different insurance policies by customers (Cover Sheet Process) tracking requests to insurance companies, receival of policies, payments, calculation of premium and commissions
  • comprehensive process for managing renewals of insurance policies (Renewal Process), customer contact tracking, auto subscription of a new generation in case of renewal
  • automatic emails (for example : asking to validate personal details, policy confirmation, asking for payment, asking if renewal)
  • generation of bill and situation summaries for clients
  • management of quote requests from the website, allocation of requests to staff advisors, automatic creation of prospects transformable into customers
  • reports and statistics
  • alerts on urgent tasks to resolve (policies ending, insurance companies or customers not answering demands etc).

Customized to your very needs

Accessible on multiple devices

It is is created for desktop computers but can be accessed on mobile phones.

Handles internationalization in several languages

The app is in English by default and can be translated in any language.

Integration of your existing customer databases

Our team can manage the importation and consolidation of your existing customer databases included all contracts and cover sheets into the system.


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