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Librairie Damase

Damase librairie is a religious organization intended to provide books for their community through an online store. They are dedicated to providing quality books, giving advice and also to regularly adding new content.They trusted us to create their e-commerce book sale platform. It is an online library designed with simplicity as its objective. A light structure, very simple search tool, immediate access to the desired items.

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Waterfall & Agile
Adove XD
HTML5, CSS, PHP, Symfony

E-commerce Website Solution

The site is in the form of an e-commerce solution platform. There are a multitude of books, audio discs, images and objects carefully selected by Damase and available for sale on the site. We have set up an E-commerce CMS so that the content can be fully managed by the administrators.


Custom Website Development

The website has been completely customized to fully integrate the functionalities. We developed the website with Symfony, a php web application framework. For the content management system, we used sonata admin bundle, which precisely meets the needs of an e-commerce site.


Implementation of Different Payment Methods

For the Damase store, we have integrated several payment methods. For credit card payments, we used Stripe. This software allows individuals and businesses to send and receive payments. Stripe provides the technical infrastructure, fraud prevention and banking infrastructure necessary to operate online payment systems. We also integrated the PayPal solution, since stripe does not integrate it.


Custom Development of a Coupon Part

We have also set up a discount coupon system. It can be created by administrators, who choose several creation criteria to create a coupon. The users can also buy discount coupons, and offer it to another user who will automatically receive an email with all the informations.


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