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OUNIFI is an on-demand one-stop digital platform for community with a comprehensive catalog of digital contents, smart solutions, and application services dedicated to modern day learning and lifestyles. We created UX/UI design of OUNIFI web and mobile applications for students to read and borrow books, videos and audio contents. In addition, we designed and developed a back-end of OUNIFI for teachers and writers.Mockup

1 Project Manager
2 Web Designer
1 Front-End Developer
1 Back-End Developer
2 Mobile Developer
Adobe Xd
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, React JS, Symfony, PHP
6 months

Solution of UX design

It is the underlying importance of E-books library that it should focus on suggesting the best selection of books available, focusing not only on the book cover images but also on the main categories.

We set up our aim to focus on a user-friendly interface and consideration of every type of user, returning users, etc. Before the user interface design process, we considered every tiny detail to give a user-friendly experience and generate user retention.



Ounifi 07

Concept of UI design

As a reading app, readability is the first priority when designing this app. We targeted to design better actions and nice looking images at the same time. We defined icons, colors, and fonts which naturally indicate the brand image based on readability. Comprehensive concept of UI design we aimed was a clear and sleek display of the whole information in order to create a modern and user friendly interface.

In addition, we defined colors of every component in order to different background color themes – white and black – of application.



Ounifi 01

Choosing the best technology

We proceeded with the projects of front-end, back-end and mobile applications for OUNIFI. In this case, we adopted the technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, NuxtJS, React.js&Native, Node.js and Symfony to give us full control of how the app should look and behave. 



Ounifi 04

The summary of project

We aimed to design app interfaces that are clear, user-friendly, with no extra features, and only a couple of taps are needed to get what the user wants clearly.In addition, We focused on whether we could improve unnecessary connections and structure.

The main feature of our UI/UX design and development was to help users navigate information faster and more conveniently in the course of book search/lending/return. This project gave us an opportunity to focus on effective information placement and the flow of tasks.


Ounifi 09

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