Stock & Production Management

Vue.Js frontend and Symfony backend Web App


Kongka Herb
, a Thai company with multiple manufacturing facilities situated in Thailand, specializes in the production of para-pharmacy and traditional medicinal products, including the renowned tiger balm. Entrusted with the task, our team was approached by Kongka Herb to design and implement a comprehensive Stock & Production Management system. The envisioned system aims to empower them with the ability to meticulously control and define recipes, efficiently manage inventories of both raw materials and finished goods, seamlessly create and track production jobs, accurately calculate required raw material quantities, and effortlessly generate purchase orders. This endeavor not only underscores our commitment to delivering tailored solutions but also aligns with Kongka Herb's vision for streamlined and efficient operations in the dynamic landscape of herbal and medicinal product manufacturing.


2 Full-Stack Developers
Adobe XD
PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, Vue.JS, HTML5, CSS
3 months

Main feataures of the Web app

In our collaboration with Kongka Herb, we undertook the development of a sophisticated web application tailored to meet their specific needs in the herbal and medicinal product manufacturing domain. This comprehensive system seamlessly integrates a range of features to enhance their operational efficiency. The platform empowers Kongka Herb to meticulously track and manage raw material stocks, providing real-time insights into inventory levels. Additionally, the web app enables the definition and control of intricate recipes for finished goods, facilitating a streamlined production process. Efficient production management and planning are made possible through intuitive workflows that oversee the entire production jobs lifecycle, ensuring optimal utilization of resources. Furthermore, the system includes a robust module for the creation and seamless PDF printing of purchase orders, simplifying the procurement process. The Suppliers Management feature completes the suite, allowing Kongka Herb to maintain a centralized repository of supplier information, fostering strong and efficient supplier relationships.

This project showcases our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that address the intricacies of our clients’ operations, ultimately contributing to the success of Kongka Herb in their dynamic industry.


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